Nigerian’s Bobrisky has announced plans to give N1 million (the equivalent of $2,607) to the parents of a man who was killed during ‘End SARS’ protest.

Taking to his Instagram page, Bobrisky, in a post, stated that the death of the young man who was identified as Jimoh Isiaq is a painful one and he would like to support his parents.

“1million can’t bring back his life but the truth is his family can’t loose their son and still remain broke ! Never !!!!!” He wrote.

The cross-dresser asked his followers to help him find the family and their account adding that he would not have made his donation public if he knew how to contact them directly.

It is unfortunate that Jimoh Isiaq lost his life in the protest aimed at ending the police squad abuse of the youth, he added.

“…. but he is gone there is nothing we can do to bring him back. We love u Jimoh Isiaq.”

About End SARS

The Nigerian population in the past weeks have taken to the streets and social media to protest the treatment meted out to them by the Special Anti Robbery Squad (SARS) formed in 1992 to fight crime.

The SARS in recent times have been accused of police brutality, murders, profiling among others.

Their activities sparked the protest “End SARS” which went from an online campaign to a street protest mostly being led by celebrities.

Nigerians in other countries like Ghana and the UK also went to the offices of the Nigerian high commissions to protest and call for the end of SARS.

However, the Nigerian government in a bid to stop the protests deployed police to some areas which caused the “peaceful” protests to turn violent.

Meanwhile, about ten people, according to Amnesty International, have lost their lives in the protests.

The the human rights group told CNN police have used excessive force against unarmed protesters since the protests started last Thursday.