The Energy Commission Officer of the Western North Region, A. K. Gyimah, has warned the public especially landlords or ladies against employing unqualified electricians for their wiring works.

“All landlords should ensure that they demand to see the Energy Commission certification from anyone they invite to work before employing the person; if they do not have, don’t allow them to work,” he warned.

This comes after many homes, offices, and stalls were affected by fire in the region due to improper wiring by some unqualified electricians.

The Bono, Bono East, and Ahafo Energy Commission Officer urged the public to look out for certified Energy Commission staff for their works rather than settling on just anyone.

Mr Gyimah also cautioned uncertified electricians, advising that they present themselves for proper training before embarking on any electrical works.

He said anything thing other than obtaining training and certification from the Commission is illegal and, if found, will attract a jail term.

“So we pled that anyone without the certification of the energy should present him or herself to be trained, else if found culpable, that person will be jailed for two years or a fine of 12.50 multiplied by 250 as a penalty,” he said.

Mr Gyimah was speaking during a training workshop organized by the Energy Commission for some electricians at Dadieso in the Suaman District of the Region.

After the training, some participants who shared their views said with Adom News said they are optimistic that they will provide quality work as the training has improved their knowledge of their jobs.

On his part, the Western North Regional Energy Commission representative, Mustapha Frimpong, also urged the participants to do diligent work, stressing it will help avoid fire outbreaks and other unforeseen damages as they discharge their duties.