Video: Market, distribute your own work - Richard Bona to African artistes

Video: Market, distribute your own work - Richard Bona to African artistes
Source: Ghana | | Daniella Adu Asare
Date: 07-11-2017 Time: 07:11:09:am
Richard Bona

Grammy Award winning jazz bassist, Richard Bona, has admonished African musicians to learn to market and distribute their own work after production.

The musician believes that the mark of every successful business venture is the ability to market one's products to accepted satisfaction.

He told Naa Ashorkor on Showbiz A-Z on Joy FM on Saturday that “when you look at any successful person or entity, when they are done making any product, they sell it themselves.”


The Cameroonian bassist likened musicians to African countries who export their resources to foreign countries to be transformed into finished goods to their detriments.

"When we’re done producing, recording, mixing, getting musicians, renting studios, mastering, we take the final product, and give it to someone to go sell for us,” he said.

Mr Bona said “right there already, is not right.”

According to him, this strategy had been tried and tested and is a contributory factor of his success, despite perceptions that juggling performing with, marketing and distribution is a herculean task.

“It’s been a few years, I’ve been doing this on my own where I’m independent. Not only do I record my own products, I sell them myself, and I distribute it myself,” he disclosed.



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