Let’s support each other to grow – Musician tells industry practitioners

Let’s support each other to grow – Musician tells industry practitioners
Source: Ghana | Myjoyonline.com
Date: 09-06-2017 Time: 03:06:01:pm

Singer Felix Lambert, known in music circles as Dagaow, has urged his colleague musicians to stop pretending to love each other whiles their actions prove the opposite.

The musician in an interview with Flex newspaper lamented that, it is worrying how hatred in the industry keeps pulling down the creativity of individuals.

According to him, A-list artistes, who are supposed to foster unity in the industry, are the most guilty of this unfortunate development.

“Let’s look at it from the big artistes’ point of view, everybody wants to be known as the boss and rule over everybody. Though it is very good for us to be competitive, we always forget that, together we stand and divided we fall and you will always fall alone when you are up there alone,” he said.

“In this industry, one will need the help of others to excel. Just a mere phone call by a colleague can [contribute] to even winning a BET award. It doesn't matter what the person does or who he is but what do we see today. Selfishness and greed have been the order of the day where a musician will rather die than to create that link for his fellow musician to excel,” the singer lamented.

He said most of the musicians are very good at pretending to love each other when performing on stage but treat each other shabbily when they go backstage.

Dagaow explained that, “When we are backstage, it is a different thing altogether, we come on stage, we jump and hug each other but inwardly, it always looks like competing with people from a different planet. Everybody will be at his or her corner trying to flex his or her colleague. Talk to an artiste backstage and they will behave like they have never met or seen you before. Even if you don’t know me, the mere fact that I'm trying to socialise with you should only tell you to be nice.”

“When I was in the UK during one of my international performances, it was amazing how artistes related to each other backstage. After an artiste is done performing and comes backstage, all the artistes will go to him to congratulate him or her not caring much of your race or where you are coming from, this makes you feel at home. Why can't we do same in Ghana?” he asked.

The hatred, he said, “is evident in Stonebwoy's current BET nomination. How many artistes have come out openly to congratulate him on his nomination? One thing we should know as a country is that, Stonebwoy is no longer for himself but representing the entire country. I know many artistes who are making it big now have in one way or the other been through some challenges where they were denied help when needed most and hence, they still have that bitterness in them which always deters them from helping others which shouldn't be so.”

Dagaow, who is currently out with a new song 'Check Point' which features Zeal of VVIP, noted that the Ghanaian music industry will only grow if artistes support each other.

Watch 'Check Point' video below:



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