Adom Praiz 2017: I understood the 'tongue' of Ewe after hearing Celestine Donkor sing

Adom Praiz 2017: I understood the 'tongue' of Ewe after hearing Celestine Donkor sing
Source: Ghana | | Austin Brakopowers | | Instagram: @Realbrakopowers
Date: 06-10-2017 Time: 10:10:15:pm
Celestine Donkor at 2017 Adom Praiz

The sockets of her eyes held tears and at the uttering of every word they poured as she recounted how she understood Ewe after she heard gospel artiste Celestine Donkor performed at the mega Perez Dome.

“I have not spoken the language before in my life,” the lady who is in her late 20s told Friday.

“Celestine Donkor ministered as though she was talking to me,” she could not hide her surprise after she understood the musician's song which was ministered in Ewe, one of Ghana's local languages.

“It is called miracle,” she said when asked to describe what happened to her.

It might appear difficult to comprehend a God who fashioned the universe with the wave of His hand and the word.

But when you lift praises to Him even on your sick bed, the mysteries of the world will be revealed to you.

Scripture in Luke 19:37 says that when Jesus made His triumphant entry into Jerusalem, “the whole multitude of the disciples began to rejoice and praise God with a loud voice for all the mighty works they had seen.”

“I came with a burden. Life has not been an easy one but I am counting on God’s grace,” the lady said.

Her story is not different from thousands of attendees who have gathered to present their burdens at the feet of Jesus.

She revealed some of her friends had told her not to attend the programme but she ignored them.

Walls of Jericho tumbled down after the trumpets sounded

When Jesus entered Jerusalem, some of the Pharisees told him to rebuke His disciples for praising God.

But His response was that “I tell you that if these should keep silent, the stones would immediately cry out.”

The 21st Century Jericho wall is being broken at the Adom Praiz 2017.

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