Video: Meet the American woman who speaks Ewe

Video: Meet the American woman who speaks Ewe
Date: 16-01-2018 Time: 03:01:58:pm

The Ghanaian culture is believed to be the sole preserve of no other person but indigenous Ghanaians but this is never the case for an American mother, Faith Conant, who has mastered the art of the Ewe culture.

The American, who has spent most her academic life studying the traditions and culture of the Ewe people now has the capacity to fluently speak and understand the language more than an even a typical native of the language.

Ghanaian diplomat and official at the United Nations, Ben Dotsei Malor, brought this lady to light when he interviewed her on her new earned language skills.

“She has lived and learned in Togo, and speaks fondly of the generosity, humanity, and dignity she was shown in West Africa. She now teaches Music, Drumming and Dancing of the Ewe people of Southern Ghana, Togo and Benin, at Stony Brook University, New York,” he stated on his Facebook page.