I was cheated on – Eazzy confirms reason for break up with Keita

I was cheated on – Eazzy confirms reason for break up with Keita
Source: Ghana| Myjoyonline.com
Date: 05-04-2019 Time: 10:04:44:am
Eazzy and Keita

Singer Eazzy has finally broken her silence on why she broke off her relationship with her Big Brother Africa mate Keita Osei Massai.

Speaking on Daybreak Hitz on Hitz FM with Andy Dosty, Eazzy revealed her ex-boyfriend Keita cheated on her with another lady while she was on tour in London.

According to the singer, someone tweeted about seeing him in the club with another lady.

Eazzy stated, “when I questioned him, he told me they were chilling in the club.”

“Another artiste hit me up and said ‘I just saw your man in the club what’s up?’ So, I started digging and finding out information,” Eazzy stated.

She disclosed that the girl Keita cheated on her with was the girlfriend of another guy in the industry.

 The “Wengeze” hitmaker said she could not give Keita the chance to apologise.

“I have two deal breakers in a relationship: When you cheat on me or you physically abuse me, we are done. That is that,” Eazzy said.

The artiste said even though she has moved on and harbours no bitterness, she was really hurt and wants nothing to do  with him ever again.

“I am the type to give my all to a relationship and expect the same,” she added.

Eazzy revealed contrary to popular beliefs, she was dating Keita three years before they went into the Big Brother Africa house.

The duo made their relationship public after entering the Big Brother Africa (StarGame) reality show.

She stated, she did not cheat on him and had never cheated on any of her boyfriends.

“His elder brother tried to intervene at some point. When something is beautiful I guess people can see it but it depends on the people involved and I did not want it anymore,” he added.

Eazzy, however, in 2013 when the story of their relationship broke denied Keita had cheated on her. Even though she confirmed the breakup, the singer said the reasons for ut were private.