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Radio stations don’t play gospel music in Belgium – Esmee Kester

Radio stations don’t play gospel music in Belgium – Esmee Kester
Source: Ghana| | Maxwell Amoofia
Date: 09-04-2019 Time: 06:04:59:pm
Esmee Kester (Middle) with gospel singer Celestine Donkor (Right) and Frankie 5, host of This is Gospel on Hitz FM

Belgium-based gospel musician, Esmee Kester, has revealed gospel songs hardly get airplay on radio stations in the European country.

In an interview with Franky 5 on ‘This Is Gospel’ on Hitz FM, she stated that only secular music gets airtime on the airwaves.

‘’You don’t hear it on any radio station. The only thing you hear is secular. The only chance you have in hearing gospel music is in Church or when I pass by in my car,’’ she said.

The singer indicated that Christianity is not popular in Belgium although Catholic churches are seen across the country.

‘’People are lost in Belgium generally. They don’t even go to that Church services anymore…we call it a tough ground in Belgium. People are lost. People are really really lost,’’ she added.

Also, she noted that individuals who tend to exhibit their Christian faith openly are regarded as strange.

‘’You can’t compare Belgium to Africa for an example. I enjoy the fact that I drive here [Ghana]…I see one car after the other, ‘God saves’, ‘I love God’...[But] as soon as you will drive in a car in Europe for example and it says ‘Jesus loves you’, they will call you crazy’,” the singer revealed.

Esmee Kester, who hails from Holland but resides in Belgium, expressed her willingness to win souls for Christ through her ministry despite these challenges.

She has organised evangelistic and philanthropic works in Belgium, Holland, Nigeria, Lebanon and she is currently in Ghana to expand her ministry.

Though Esmee Kester is Dutch, she sings in the English, Twi and Igbo languages.

Before her walk with Christ, the singer said she was a secular artiste who lost her voice when she decided to quit her office job to pursue full-time secular music in 2011.

She believes that God “took her voice” and then she met a group of evangelists who helped her gain salvation.

Esmee Kester disclosed that her voice was restored after several months of struggling to speak.

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