I pledge to nurture my own – The social media agenda for MODACON 2019

I pledge to nurture my own – The social media agenda for MODACON 2019
Source: Ghana| Myjoyonline.com
Date: 03-05-2019 Time: 03:05:10:pm

Do you know that every woman's empowerment begins from the home?

It is to this that the organisers of the Mother-Daughter Conference (MODACON) 2019, have started an agenda targetting mothers, female guardians and mentors, to pledge in nurturing their daughters and not leave the task in the hands of strangers.

It is the responsibility of mothers to make sure that daughters grow up to be responsible adults and better role models for the upcoming generation.

‘I Pledge To Nurture My Own’ is a social media agenda towards the Mother-Daughter Conference: My Minnie Me.

This is to create awareness and spread the word, urging all mothers, female-guardians and mentors to make it a point to teach their daughters and set them on the right path to become successful and responsible women contributing their quota to society.

Every mother’s dream is to see their daughter become someone great.

“What better way to ensure they succeed than to teach them and share her experiences with her own daughters as well as other mothers and daughters,” posed the organisers in a statement

“Let’s not leave our daughters in the hands of strangers to nurture them, for we might not know what values they will learn.

“All mothers, join in on this social media agenda,” the statement added.

The organisers encourage the public to take a video of themselves pledging to nurture their own or take a picture of themselves with the ‘I Pledge’ sign with a caption #IPLEDGETONURTUREMYOWN and post on Instagram page-@theshebond.