It was more than music and dancing at Joy FM’s Love Experience

It was more than music and dancing at Joy FM’s Love Experience
Source: | Nasiba Yakubu
Date: 15-02-2020 Time: 05:02:35:am

On February 14, 2020, you did not want to make your way to the Labadi Beach hotel alone. The atmosphere was oozing love as bright as the colour red used to symbolise valentine.

This was all thanks to the guests that made their way to celebrate their love at the Joy FM Love Experience. Leaning on each other, holding hands, dancing like there's no tomorrow, wiping each other’s brows after a dancing bout was the anthem - and rightly so.

What better way is there to celebrate years of companionship and 35 years of marriage as in the case of Appeals Court Judge, Senyo Dzamafeh and his lovely wife.

And so seated in the huge conference room of the Labadi Beach Hotel were guests dressed in some of their best clothes ready willing to enjoy the night to the fullest.

Becca, started slow, easing patrons into the all cozy and rosy love mood, in her white lacy outfit, hitting all the notes. As the beat picked up and Becca dropped hits after hits including Beshiwo, Hwe, Na Wash and Odo Why, lovers took the floor to drop some dance moves.

The highlight, however, was when Kwabena Kwabena joined the singer on stage to perform a remix of their first collaboration, You Lied To Me. The harmonising from the looks of awe written on guests' faces sent literal chills down their spine.

The duo may have walked off the stage but the night’s host, Lexis Bill, owned the stage with his jokes while Kwabena Kwabena prepared for his solo.

He took it upon himself to find love for three ladies who came alone to enjoy the show - a process that got the audience laughing albeit paying rapt attention to how Lexis was going to accomplish the great task he put on himself.

Let’s just say he may have failed but the beautiful ladies got gifts from Woodin. JoyNews’ Evans Mensah, who took on the role as co-host, wouldn't let couples off the hook when he introduced a penmanship game.

Joynews Valentine Dinner

The wives on a table were asked to write an ‘I Love You’ note while one husband looked away. He would then turn around and group a collection of notes in which one was from his wife.

Guests swooned over the couple when the wife lied about which note was hers (although she was later caught) to protect her husband. That, however, did not stop them from winning a hamper.

It did not take long for Kwabena Kwabena to storm the stage ready to climax the event. Alternating between his hits the ‘Dadie Anoma’ singer got fans singing along to his every word and dancing to every beat. In his session, there was no break from dancing or singing.

But nothing looked sweeter and heartwarming than the man singing ‘Royal Lady’ so lovingly to his significant other. Or the time another held his wife when Kwabena soulfully sang ‘Mene Woa’. Or the Chinese man who did not even understand the language could not help but admire Kwabena’s stagecraft while recording some of the performances.

But ‘Adult Music’ of course had to be the closing song, dangling between low and mid-tempo.

The end of the performances was not the end of the Love Experience. Guests who purchased the GH¢2,000 tickets headed to their hotel rooms while expecting to wake up to sunrise on the beach and a breakfast buffet.

Joynews Valentine Dinner