Samuel Thomas said he believed art helped people "appreciate the fact that life will get better"

An artist says the coronavirus lockdown has taught him to “slow down, to take the foot off the gas, and to enjoy the smaller things”.

Samuel Thomas, from Norwich, has been sharing his paintings on social media while he is unable to hold exhibitions.

Samuel Thomas said his work was about capturing the beauty of Norfolk

The 33-year-old said during the pandemic, he had found inspiration on walks or cycles in the countryside.

“There is so much joy and wonder surrounding us in our lives, sometimes we just need reminding of it,” he said.

The artist said he wanted to show the “joy and wonder” in everyday life

Mr Thomas, who is self-taught, said that lockdown had not changed his working life.

“I have always worked from my home studio spending lots of time alone,” he said.

Samuel Thomas is a full-time professional artist and is self-taught

He said he believed art “still holds value and reverence” even during the coronavirus pandemic.

The artist, who has been painting professionally for 12 years, said he wanted to “capture North Norfolk in a new and exciting light for a new generation of people”.

The artist has also painted surfboards and a dragon sculpture

“Daily lockdown has heightened my inspiration as it has taught me to really truly appreciate the small things,” he said.

“Art helps people appreciate the fact that life will get better, that there is always hope.”