Popular actor, Ernest Asuzu, who’s currently making headlines after a shirtless video of him begging for help on the streets of Lagos surfaced online, has come out to defend his action.

The actor, who starred alongside Jim Iyke, in some Nollywood movies, said he went shirtless not because he was mentally derailed  but because he needed help for his medical condition.

In a new video clip, Asuzu said he deliberately removed his shirt so that Nollywood practitioners would feel his pain.

He also solicited financial assistance from well-meaning Nigerians to enable him to take care of his medical bills.

Asuzu is currently down with a stroke and went public with the illness about six years ago.

Some few days ago, a man who identified himself as John Louis on Instagram shared a video of the actor shirtless and begging for alms on the streets of Lagos. The actor was barely recognisable in the video.

Asuzu looked dazed and disoriented in the video.

“So we are calling on Nollywood to come and assist their member. It is not only to act the film but this guy also cannot even walk,” Mr Louis said in the video.