A book titled ‘Midnight’ authored by David Wincott is now available for purchase in stores and online.

Launched at the Perez Dome in December, the book subtitled ‘An Opportune Hour to Greatness’ is according to the author, one of a kind.

Mr Wincott in explaining the rationale behind the title of the book said midnight is the period where there is a transition between two realms and the darkest hour by day or the turning point from one season to the other. 

He said in this world, between the good and the bad, there is always a middle line that is mostly ignored.

Between the spirit and body, there is a soul and between the first and third heavens, there is second heaven where the rulers of darkness and principalities dwell. 

He went on to say, even in the middle of the positive and negative electrical power lies a neutral line. All these indications point to the fact that there is a middle line in many things which has its own role.

“Between the day and night, there is midnight, which explains why there is “am” which is antemeridian (before midday) and “pm” which is post meridian (after midday),” he said adding that many may not have paid much attention to the midnight hour, but this hour plays a key role in every human life.

Midnight book

Mr Wincott said many people have become too comfortable with the physical realm and no longer pay attention to the spiritual realm.

He emphasised that the enemy does not sleep and God never sleeps too. God created man in His own image and has given us the power to take over His work on earth which is why we must pray without ceasing. 

Midnight is also an opportune hour to find hidden treasures of life and possess that which God created us to possess. The book reveals the many transactions that go on at midnight and how we can win such battles.

He said the book has been a work of grace coupled with passion that has found its way to being published to this generation and admonished everyone to own a copy.

The book is now available on Amazon.comBookNook Book StoreSTORE GHANA and all Challenge Bookshop nationwide and people who want to know more about the book can send an email midnightbook@yahoo.com for further information.

Midnight book

David Wincott is the CEO of Outlines Intact Limited formerly known as Outlines and Pages Gh. Ltd. a media consulting and a content developing company for many prominent brands.

He is a peace ambassador for Ghana + Peace and a current Executive director of Obiba Foundation. He is also a Philanthropist, an entrepreneur, a motivational speaker, and a theologian.

Over the past couple of years, he has leveraged the digital media to reach many with the word of God.  His Word Voice Flesh (WVF) digital media teaching was inspired by his immense Love and passion to spread the word of God through every possible means.

David has the gift of interpreting the scriptures in practical ways, relating to social life. David Wincott believes in service and is a servant to many. He usually says service to man is service to God.