Funny Face (Credit: Instagram - @therealfunnyface)

Funny Face is planning to say goodbye to the entertainment industry after his dispute with his ex-wife over custody claims settles.

According to him, once he has his twins he would prefer to start a new life with them leaving behind the “Evil Ghana Showbiz”.

His comment comes after an Instagram user wrote “we are tired of you” under one of Funny Face’s post.

“Lethal and savage mode: Activated…the wrath of a father who has kept quiet for too long…watching the lives of what he has suffered being destroyed…cross my path and you will never like again. As if I care,” he wrote as a reply.

Funny Face to leave industry

The comedian said that aside leaving the industry he would also delete all of his social media accounts and go under the radar.

Meanwhile, Funny Face has given his ex-wife a week to bring his twins back to him. He explained that out of the two he is in a better position to cater to the girls.