From left: Shatta Wale & Addi Self

One of the sacked Militants of Shatta Wale, Addi Self, has apologised to the dancehall musician, asking him to forgive and forget about whatever wrongs he may have committed.

Speaking on HSTV he said he realised his actions and comments may have unknowingly hurt Shatta Wale without him intending to.

This apology comes after Shatta Wale made it public that he was parting ways with his SM Militants made up of Addi Self, Captan, Joint 77 and Natty Lee.

Addi Self apologising to his former leader said he was willing to work with him again, adding that he does not mind making amends with him.

“You know I am very sorry for what I have done and heard. I know I hurt you and I am sorry and I am ready for us to amend things and do things together, you know, for life,” he said.

Shatta Wale had said on Daybreak Hitz on Hitz FM that the quartet was lazy and not ready for show business.