Ko-Jo Cue (credit: Instagram - @kojo_cue)

Rapper Ko-Jo Cue has taken to Twitter to call out men who consciously or unconsciously promote the rape culture.

“All the times we didn’t call out our friends, were shown nudes we had no business seeing, didn’t report abuse that happened in our presence, made or laughed at rapey jokes. We enabled it.”

“All the times we catcalled random women, followed a woman who didn’t want to talk to us to try and convince her, made jokes about a young woman being ripe, claimed we slept with a woman when we didn’t, gave women alcohol to make them more ‘free’ so we can sleep with them…”

Slut-shaming, victim-blaming, unwanted sexual advances and secretly recorded sex tapes are some of the numerous circumstances he highlighted as some contributors to rape culture.

Ko-Jo Cue wrote that some men find themselves doing some of these and others close their eyes to the problem while rape victims are blamed for what happens to them.

“You may not have raped anyone but you have definitely contributed to enabling rape culture as a man,” he wrote.

The ‘For My Brothers’ artiste stated that it was high time men admit they have intentionally or unintentionally encouraged rape.

Ko-Jo Cue added that it is by accepting the “fact” that men and the world together can create a better society for women when it comes to rape culture.

“There’s a lot of learning and unlearning to do – let’s stop pointing fingers and trying to absolve ourselves of blame. We need to do the actual work of educating ourselves, educating our friends and our community, holding our fellow men accountable. WE are the problem. NOT a short skirt, NOT a stroll at night, NOT a late visit. Take action. Do the right thing. CHOOSE to no longer enable rape.”