It doesn’t seem the brawl between rapper Kwaw Kese and Tinny would end anytime soon.

In an attempt to lure them to smoke the peace pipe on Hitz FM’s Hitz Gallery show with host Dr Pounds, Tinny said he is ready to say sorry to Kwaw Kese after labelling him, D Black and Patapaa as wack rappers.

When asked if he would call Kwaw and say the calming words to him, he said “I am ready to sort this out,” adding a condition that, “only if Kwaw Kese is ready to understand I was just saying my mind, then it’s normal to say sorry,” he said in Twi.

Kwaw Kese isn’t happy about Tinny’s statement but Tinny says he would’ve accorded Kwaw some respect if he had done the same and not insulting his mother.

According to Tinny, he only expressed his opinion, hence he didn’t expect the ‘Abodam’ rapper to descend into the gutters.

“I would say sorry when my mom and kids tell me to say sorry. His comment that I don’t have a home affected me. It drops the respect, Kwaw Kese wants me to go dirty with him but I won’t,” he told Dr Pounds.