Tourism Minister, Barbara Oteng Gyasi

The Tourism Minister has stated that although the coronavirus has had an effect on a lot of initiatives, preparations are still ongoing for ‘Beyond The Return’ program.

Barbara Oteng Gyasi said the activities previously planned for the 10-year initiative will take a different turn because of the global pandemic.

“Currently, because of the Covid-19, the work on ‘Beyond the Return’ stalled a bit but we are working to launch it before the end of May, virtually.

“Cabinet has constituted an Inter-Ministerial Committee to spearhead this project,” she told George Quaye on Showbiz A to Z on Joy FM.

The Tourism Minister said that more virtual activities will be held in a bid to help stop the spread of the coronavirus.

Beyond the Return is a project launched by the President after the success of the Year of return aimed at inviting all diasporans back home after 400 years since the first slave left the African shore.

The government intends to implement the campaign-oriented project, “Beyond the Return – a Birthright,” over a 10-year-period to continuously carry out activities to sustain the Diaspora relationship and build on the positive impact of the initiative.

The campaign is on the theme: “A decade of African Restoration 2020-2030”

Experience Ghana, Invest in Ghana, Pathways to Ghana, Celebrate Ghana, Brand Ghana, Give back to Ghana are the pillars this initiative is being based on, Mrs Oteng Gyasi told George Quaye.

These, she explained, are to help give Beyond the Return the clarity it needs and pave way for easier travels to Ghana and more investments.

“It is a project that we believe is very important to the country and if successfully executed we stand to derive a lot of gain and revenue for it. For this year most of the things that we do will be virtual,” Mrs Oteng Gyasi said.

She added that the ministry will go big on the implementations and activities next year.