Rev Azigiza Jnr

Citizen Fellowship Church led by Rev Azigiza has filmed their own message to educate Ghanaians on the precautionary measures to undertake against the novel coronavirus. 

Declared by World Health Organisation (WHO) as a pandemic, coronavirus is rapidly affecting everything that has to do with normal life and human activities.

According to Rev Azigiza, in times like this, the nation is looking up to the church and it is imperative the church aligned with the national agenda to fight Covid-19.

Citizen Fellowship Church has chosen a its own approach in supporting the fight against this pandemic.

Tapping into Rev. Azigiza’s multimedia expertise, Citizen Fellowship Church has put together a video demonstrating safety tips for prevention.

Rev. Azigiza navigated the slippery slopes of weaving the educational, motivational and the spiritual at the end of the video.