Comedian Warris (Credit: Instagram - @comedianwaris

Stand-up comedian Waris Abdul Umaru, popularly known as Waris, is disappointed in how difficult it is for Ghanaian comedians to perform political jokes.

According to him, humour is a tool for comedians to educate the public through satirical comments as a stress reliever for their audience.

Explaining himself in an exclusive video to, he said comedians should be noted for the content of their jokes and their satirical ability rather than being tagged negatively with the jokes they make about politicians and their affiliated parties.

“When you say a joke about Mahama, it is not funny to NDC, likewise it wouldn’t be funny to NPP if it’s about Nana Addo. No one would even take the time to listen to realise if there is something important in it.”

“People will feel it’s not funny because you have put their party on the line… if you don’t get a comedian who will say this, then who will? A shoemaker or a pastor?” Comedian Waris queried.

Talking about his experience, he said he has many funny jokes about the state of Ghana’s economy but he is unable to share them out of fear that it will damage his career.

“So now I have lots of jokes that I cannot say because if you do they will tag you as supporting a party.  If I will follow any party it has to be because of a huge sum that I can spend for about 40 years but then even if I support that party, can I joke about them? No.”

Nonetheless, Waris insisted that comedians would still tell political jokes, especially during this political season. He, however, asked that people not take the jokes personally as are done as a means to lighten the tense political mood surrounding the elections.

“No one should take it personally. We are in the political season so we will say the jokes but don’t say we the comedians who are citizens are supporting a party. If it doesn’t go well we all suffer together [SIC],” Waris added.