A nominee of the Vlisco Women’s Month Dare to Dream campaign, Eugenia Tachie-Menson has challenged students of the Ridge Church School not to settle for less but to dare to dream big in life.


Mrs. Tachie Menson, an old student of the school urged the students to make carefully thought out choices of careers since “no dream is too big” to become a reality.


Giving them tips on how to achieve that, she underscored the need for them to be disciplined, have the passion and be assertive in everything they do.


Eugenia Tachie-Menson, a social entrepreneur whose love for children and education led her to bring the USA’s Scripps Spelling Bee to Ghana advised the students to take their studies seriously to enable them excel in future.


She indicated that there is nothing wrong in taking risks in life because “biggest risk in life is not taking one”.


She said she used to hawk kenkey to help her mother takes care of her siblings but did not let allow that affect her studies.


“It is not fun when you are the old one out and your friends at school laugh at you, but hard work pays” she pointed out.


Eugenia Tachie-Menson thanked the students and teachers of Ridge Church School for offering her the platform to do impact to others.


The Executive Director of the Young Educators Foundations after her inspiring speech gave out books to some of the students.


This and many other initiatives earned her the nomination by Vlisco for inspiring the younger generation to dream big.


Other nominees of the campaign are young and enterprising Anita Erskine-Amaizo, Ayesha Bedwei.


The winner will be a brand Ambassador for distributors of authentic Dutch wax fabrics Vlisco and tell the story of the brand and company at various VIP events.


The Vlisco brand Ambassador will also have the chance to visit the Netherlands and meet with colleague Ambassodors from other participating countries.


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