The Presidential Candidate of the Liberal Party of Ghana says when voted into power his government will ensure that every child in the country is given a monthly allowance of GH¢200.

According to Kofi Akpaloo, this is fashioned after the child benefit program run in Europe where his 6 children live. He believes when this program is implemented in Ghana it will help support the welfare of children in the country.

“Every month they received child benefits and I want to do the same thing for kids in Ghana. So, when I become President every child in Ghana will receive GH¢200,” he told Emefa Apawu, host of the show.

Mr Akpaloo added that twins, triplets, quadruplets and the others will receive GH¢300 each.

He added that the Liberal Party of Ghana will also ensure that unemployed people in the country are given unemployment benefits until they get jobs to sustain them.

“Then also, for those who are above 18 years but unemployed [they] will receive unemployment benefits, and those who have never worked before will receive income support”.

Asked how he will fund this policy, Mr Akpaloo said his government will “create the money” and use other innovative and ingenious ways to help generate money.

“We will create the money. We believe in positive money, we believe in sovereign money, we believe that that it is not only taxes that we will use to run the economy,” he added.

Furthermore, his government will also “take care of the cost associated with the training” of every citizen who is interested in learning a trade like hairdressing and sewing among others.

After their training is complete, his administration will offer them loans to help them start their own business.

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