Ransford Antwi, Board Chairman, Twene Amanfo Senior High Technical School, Sunyani

The Board Chairman of Twene Amanfo Senior High/Technical School (TASTECH) in the Bono regional capital, Sunyani, has urged students to desist from the habit of using abusive and indecent languages to express their displeasure over situations.

Mr Ransford Antwi said it comes as a worry the sad trend of young people indulging in the use of impolite expressions and offensive words on authorities whenever they feel dissatisfied.

He stressed such habits are alien to the upbringing of the Ghanaian.

Mr Antwi, also the CEO of Sunyani-based Suncity Radio, advised at a day’s orientation for first-year TASTECH students, organized by the old students association in collaboration with the School’s Board and Management.

Express your displeasure without indecent language - Students urged

Dubbed “SHS One Time with Past Students”, the program afforded the old students the chance to share their life experiences with the freshers to help shape their attitudes towards learning and general lifestyle.

It also welcomed the students to the TASTECH “Adehyee Abusua” (Royals’ Family) and inculcate in them the virtues of self-discipline, patriotism, respect for authority, socially acceptable practices to become responsible and law-abiding citizens.

Mr Antwi explained that “though one has the freedom to express one’s concern about a situation, it does not mean one has the right to insult the elderly, because the Ghanaian culture, traditional norms, and values do not permit such behaviour,” he explained.

Express your displeasure without indecent language - Students urged
Ransford Antwi, Board Chairman, Twene Amanfo Senior High Technical School, Sunyani

He, therefore, urged the students to remain disciplined, abstain from social vices, and stay focused on their academic work, which is the primary goal for their enrolment in the school.

“Everyone is responsible for his/her own decisions, so the choice of friends you make should tell you where you are heading towards in your academic journey and life,” he told the students.

Mr Antwi further advised the students to see the teaching and non-teaching staff as their parents, guardians, siblings, and advisors, and willingly share their challenges with them for assistance while making good use of the counselling unit of the school.

“Learn to embrace people from other backgrounds, respect and tolerate others’ views, be modest and real, and be kind to each other, because your classmate today may become your employer in future,” Mr Antwi added.

On his part, Lawyer Ansah Ankomah, a Board Member of the school and a private legal practitioner entreated the teaching staff in particular not to discourage the students in any way but to guide and help them become better people in the future.