The new year edition of the Luv FM Family Party in the park attracted one of the biggest patronage in recent times.

The event which was held at the Rattray Park saw over 8,000 patrons have memorable moments with their families.

 Work and school has over the period deprived members of quality time spent together.

The beautiful atmosphere coupled with neatly trimmed grass at the Rattray Park were enough motivation for families to come together to eat, drink and chat heartily.

Children were perhaps the happiest as they seized the opportunity to participate in variety of  activities. From  bouncy castles, electric trains, trampoline to swimming among others.

Live band performances from various groups in Kumasi gave both adults and children the opportunity  to dance to their favorite tunes like Ebony’s ‘Maame Hwe’

The dancing fountain after several months of inactivity following the loss of the operating software came alive on the night to the delight of merry makers.