A Georgia woman said a miscommunication while ordering her birthday cake led to dessert having a marijuana theme rather than the intended Moana theme.

Kensli Davis of Milledgeville said her mother ordered the cake from Dairy Queen and asked for the decoration to be inspired by Moana, the 25-year-old’s favourite Disney cartoon.

The birthday celebration brought a big surprise when the cake turned out to feature a marijuana leaf and a My Little Pony-style illustration of an equine smoking a joint.

“I think they thought that she said ‘marijuana’ because we are from south Georgia and kind of have an accent. So, ‘Moana,’ marijuana?” Davis told WMAZ-TV. “I guess when they said that I love cartoons, they were just like, ‘Let’s throw a little pony on there.’ It had red eyes. It was smoking a joint with a tramp stamp of a pot leaf on its bottom.”

Davis said she and her family found the mix-up humorous.

“We weren’t mad about it or anything. We thought it was funny so we just ate it anyway!” she told WOFL-TV.

She said next year’s cake will be less likely to involve a mix-up.

“It won’t be Moana or marijuana. I just won’t get a design at all. I’ll just get a regular ice cream cake if I have to,” Davis said.