Farmers in the Sene East District of the Bono East region have been introduced to new farming technologies to improve their crop yields. 

These new technologies were developed by the Soil Research Institute of the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research. It is under the Modernizing Agriculture in Ghana (MAG) programme, to help address the rapidly declining soil fertility levels in the region. 

The 2020 Research Extension Liaison Committee observed farmers in the Bono East Region produced lesser crop yields due to declining soil fertility. 

Scientists from the CSIR-Soil Research Institute visited the region to educate and demonstrate to farmers, its newly developed soil fertility management strategies. 

A research scientist at the Institute, Dr. Emmanuel Dugan, took the farmers through the new technologies, including Biochar, a soil conditioner that helps to conserve both soil nutrients and moisture. 

There is also poultry manure compost for soil fertility improvement and moisture conservation.

Mineral fertilizer (NPK 15-20-20+Zn) is specifically developed and recommended at 90-60-60 kilogram per hectare by the Institute for transition and part of semi-deciduous agroecology.

Scientific Secretary, Padlass Edeafour, representing the Institute’s director, urged the farmers to strictly adopt the strategies in cultivation. 

“There are several developed farming technologies but their adoption by farmers remains a problem. 

“I urge you all to put into practice what you’ll be taught here so that other farmers in the neighboring communities can as well adopt them,” he emphasized. 

District Chief Executive of Sene East, Abraham Mbanye, lauded the programme and advised the youth to engage in farming to reduce the rate of unemployment in the region. 

“I’m urging the youth that they shouldn’t see farming as a punishment or a non-lucrative job. Lately, if you want to count the wealthiest people in society, farmers are there. 

“So, I am pleading to the youth, they shouldn’t see farming as a profession that belongs to the poor,” he emphasized. 

Meanwhile, farmers who earlier adopted the strategy have evidently recorded improved crop growth.  

The programme aims at supporting the government’s flagship, Planting for Food and Jobs Programme. 

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