Farouk Khailann, Africa’s newest face for young leadership and a highly respected voice at forums related to Africa’s economic advancement has been named among 21 Global leaders for 2021 by Powerhouse Global Magazine, one of the leading business publications in the world.

The announcement was made on 4th October 2021 by the CEO of Powerhouse Global Magazine, Anita Duckworth Bradshaw when she outdoored  the October edition of the publication.

Some of the global leaders mentioned alongside Farouk Khailann include Peter A. Bheda ( Chairman, Frontera Hotel Group), Aaron Sherman (Vice President for Global Transformation, Philip Morris International), Surrender Singh Khandhari ( Founder and Chairman, Global Government Practice SAS Inc), Adel Mohammed Yousif ( Chairman of the Continual Improvement Committee, Dubai Quality Group.), Garry Gilliam (CEO, The Bridge Eco-Village & Former NFL Athlete), Ibrahim Al-Zu’bi (Chief Sustainability Officer, Majid Al Futtaim-Holding), among others

Farouk Khailann is an African Entrepreneur with a strong commitment to Africa’s economic growth. He is the Chief Executive Officer of Premium Africa Holdings, an Africa focused investment holding company with assets and projects in Ghana, Liberia, Gambia and Sierra Leone. The company operates in the areas of construction, agribusiness, financial technology, real estate, energy and investment consultancy.

In March 2019, Premium Africa Holdings established its presence in UAE as consultants to various individuals and organizations in facilitating trade and investment between UAE and Africa.

Farouk Khailann is a managing partner of American music star Akon for his Akon Lighting Africa project in Liberia. Farouk Khailann is also actively involved in the financial technology industry. He is a shareholder and Senior Vice President at Ezipay Africa, one of Africa’s fastest growing fintechs and partner at Paygenie, a micro credit fintech in Ghana that works in partnership with Zenith Bank and Hollard insurance.

Farouk Khailann holds a number of international appointments. He is the Deputy Executive Director of Global Chamber of Business Leaders, Jury Member of US$1M Hult Prize Startup Challenge, Member of Global Investors Committee at World Angel Business Investment Forum, Honorary advisor of Asia CEO Community, Board member of World Innovation Alliance, Senior Advisor of Unimeier University (Italy), Board Member of UK- Liberia Chamber of Commerce, and Vice Chairman of African Institute of Small Scale Mining.

Farouk Khailann currently works closely with the offices of five African presidents on various interventions geared towards the economic transformation of their respective countries.

Farouk Khailann is a recipient of various awards. He was awarded African Business Leader of the year at the 28th edition of World HRD Awards in India in 2020, named among other young enterprising Ghanaian entrepreneurs as Top 50 Young CEOs of 2020,  decorated as a Pan African Business Icon of the year at the 2020 edition of Ghana Youth Excellence Awards, named by the West Africa Leadership Development Centre as one of the top ten emerging leaders in West Africa and adjudged the young entrepreneur of the year for 2019, awarded the Order of the Noble Hand of Honor by the Pan African Leadership and Entrepreneurship Development Centre in September 2019, alongside the Vice President of the Republic of Liberia and other global leaders. Farouk Khailann was also adjudged the best consultant for 2019 at the 40 under 40 awards, one of Ghana’s most competitive award schemes.

As Keynote/Guest speaker, Farouk Khailann has spoken at various events including Global Business Forum (Dubai), Meet the Farmers Conference, (Dubai), Global Summit of Sports (India) and West Africa Leadership Summit (Nigeria).

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