World governing body for Swimming, FINA, has invited Farida Iddriss of the Ghana Swimming Association to be part of their team for the betterment of the sport.

This is part of the initiative President Husain Al Musallam, who was elected new FINA President, has outlined for the development of our sport.

Farida is expected to be part of the Reform Committee that has been tasked to ensure reforms under the tutelage of the Kuwaiti.

The letter reads: “Nearly one week ago, on the trust of the Aquatics world, I accepted to serve our community as the President of FINA. In doing so, I made a commitment that I would drive change through a series of reforms, emphasizing the need for greater transparency, inclusion and innovation in the management and development of our sport.

“This was highlighted in my campaign as a priority and on my recommendation, the FINA Bureau agreed to the formation of the FINA Reform Committee. It is now my distinct pleasure to invite you to serve the Aquatics world as a member of this Committee.”

Her meteoric rise in sports administrated has already seen her appointed on the CANA board (African Swimming Confederation).

Farida played a significant role in Ghana’s successful host of the CANA Zone 2 championship in 2020 and the country will have another shot of camping the African continent for the Junior and Senior Swimming and Open water championships.