It is time to focus on a talent–based education, Angela Leibel, the Deputy Managing Director of Bayport Financial Services has said, during the launch of two motivational books written by one of her ‘promising’ staff, Anthony Mensah.

In an interview after the launch in Accra, she said the inability of the job market to absorb unemployed graduates has exposed the need for Ghana’s education system to focus on developing students to utilize their talents.

People are driven by innate abilities, she said. If they can be nurtured to boldly chase their dreams, it would create employable avenues and a sense of fulfillment, the deputy MD added.

She cited the example of Sarko Quaye, a renowned sculptor of the late 50’s whose talent was noticed by the British. Mrs. Leibel said after undergoing studies in sculpting, he returned to put his skills to use.

‘Sarko Quaye could mould you and you will see you’, she testified.

Focusing on the books, written by Anthony Mensah, Mrs. Leibel revealed, when she was asked by her staff to read the books, she did not expect the effect it had on her.

‘I was forced to look within myself’, she admitted. She reminisced that while she read social sciences in the university many years ago, time and events have relegated to the background of her life, somethings she had been passionate about. The book resurrected those passions.

“It just dropped”, she said.

She testified glowingly about her staff whom she said has undergone transformation right under her watch during the last couple of years.

“I have seen Anthony change a lot within these seven to eight’s been dramatic”, she said.