MP for Ketu South, Dzifa Gomashie has lauded the Finance Minister for announcing a GH₵10million to complete feasibility studies on the Blekusu Coastal Protection Project.

Addressing the press on Monday, Finance Minister, Ken Ofori-Atta revealed that given the magnitude of the disaster that displaced thousands of residents in Keta and its surrounding communities, government has decided to commit at least GH₵10million to address the situation.

“We shall make the necessary budgetary allocation of at least GH₵10million to complete the feasibility engineering studies for the coastal communities adversely affected”, Mr. Ken Ofori-Atta stated.

Mr. Ofori-Atta also added that the incumbent government will “broaden the scope of the studies to consider a more comprehensive solution to protect Ghana’s 540km of coastline, including the 149km between Aflao and Prampram ”.

Reacting to this development, the Ketu South legislator, Dzifa Gomashie, who had earlier expressed her grievances about government’s lack of concern for her constituents, lauded the announcement by the Finance Minister, describing it as ‘reconciliatory’.

“From what has happened, between Friday and today, I’ll urge him [Ken Ofori-Atta] to continue on the way in which he has started. Which is this reconciliatory, almost holding an olive branch. It is a good step. I’m sure that he’s positioning himself to now engage Parliament, happily so to speak “, Dzifa Gomashie said on Monday’s edition of Top Story.

The MP however questioned why such a huge sum would be dedicated to feasibility studies. She added that as far she’s concerned, the 2021 Budget has been rejected. Therefore, she does not recognise the Budget the Finance Minister made reference to.

Meanwhile, speaking at Monday’s press conference, Finance Minsiter, Ken Ofori-Atta revealed that government is working around the clock to build consensus to end the controversy surrounding the approval of the Budget.

According to him, if the 2022 Budget is not approved, the country may risk a possible shutdown in government operations.

“The full consequences of not passing a budget are serious. This will imply that from 1st January, 2022, for government to continue to work, we’ll need to obtain parliamentary approval to spend in advance of appropriation, other than that government, the entire government will have to shut down”, the Finance Minister explained.

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