A raging fire Wednesday gutted a building next door to The Multimedia Group’s administrative offices at Kokomlemle.

None of the Multimedia staff was injured and the administrative block was also not affected.

The fire started at about 11 am at a time the Kokomlemle area and some other areas in Accra were witnessing rainfall.

Although the cause of the fire is not immediately known some of the residents of the affected building said it could have been caused by gas leakage from one of the tenant’s kitchen.

It took the intervention of some brave workers of The Multimedia Group to douse the fire which had the potential of spreading to other houses nearby.

The workers used fire extinguishers belonging to Multimedia to fire-fighting to prevent the fire from spreading as they awaited the arrival of the Ghana National Fire Service (GNFS).

The interventions proved successful as the fire was largely under control before the GNFS arrived.

Two fire tenders were deployed by the GNFS who have since brought the fire under control.