Some Ghanaians living in Germany greeted President Akufo-Addo with chants of FixTheCountry when he arrived at Dusseldorf, Germany.

The President is on a weeklong official trip to Germany. He is also expected to hold a meeting with officials of the Pfizer-BioNTech, a Covid-19 vaccine manufacturer.

He had just arrived at the venue where he was invited to deliver a speech as part of celebrations of the 75th anniversary of the Rhine-Westphalia when the waiting protestors chanted, “Nana fix the country, we beg,’ one said.

“Nana fix the country, we want to come back home,” another said.

Regardless, the President approached them and exchanged pleasantries with them briefly.   

“We have oil, we have gold and cocoa, but we are suffering here. Fix the country for us, so we can be better people. We are not a poor country,” another said.

#FixTheCountry Movement, is a pressure group, comprising mostly the youth, which has been mounting pressure on government to solve what they call numerous economic challenges facing the country. They protested on August 4, 2021 on the streets of Accra calling on government to address the living conditions as well as fix certain challenges confronting the country.

Clad in red and black, the protestors wielded placards with varying inscriptions including ‘#FixOurEducation System now’, ‘A new constitution now’, ‘Justice for Kaaka’ and ‘If Ghana was your personal property, would you run it like this?

The #FixTheCountry demonstrators have resolved that they will continue to pile pressure on government until the country’s problems are addressed.

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