Scores of residents at Oyarifa Green Hill, a community within the La Nkwantanang Madina Municipality, have been trapped in their homes more than 5 days after heavy rains flooded the entire area.

According to the affected residents, buildings in waterways and the absence of drains in the area have made it almost impossible for floodwaters to recede even days after it rains.

“All the houses here have been flooded. People have to walk through the water; we almost had a casualty”, one of the residents lamented.

The three-hour downpour submerged all the houses in the area.

But uncharacteristic of many flooding incidents recorded in other parts of the country, the artificial pond created still stands at knee-level because the water will not recede because there are no gutters here.

The community, which has more than 500 homes, has literally been shut down. Nobody goes out, and nobody comes in.

Floodwaters trap Oyarifa residents in their homes 5 days after heavy rains

“Everybody is affected with no one to help us. It’s destroyed all our properties. All my fowls are dead”, another affected resident said.

While the residents continue to count their losses from the invasion of their homes by the flood, they want authorities to order the demolition of all buildings sited on the waterways.

“The water cannot recede. It descends from the other parts to this place. We went to NADMO, and they said we should come to go to Assembly but no results.

“We want the president and the Regional minister to help clear all the houses on the road so we can construct the gutters”, the residents pleaded.

It is unclear whether or not the owner of the buildings in waterways had a permit to erect the structure where it is.

Still, the residents dread another downpour that could potentially cost them more than just their properties, their very lives.

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