Former Power Minister Boakye Kyeremateng Agyarko

Former Energy Minister, Boakye Kyeremateng Agyarko has challenged the National Democratic Congress (NDC) to produce the names of state officials, who it alleged, assured Management of Ghana Power Generation Company (GPGC) of reinstating the terminated contract.

Speaking on Asempa FM‘s ‘Ekosii sen?’ on Tuesday, Boakye Kyeremateng Agyarko questioned the party’s rationale for not mentioning the names of the supposed state officials involved.

“I am not a fan of mentioning people’s names on the radio but after listening to the NDC presser, they said certain government officials were giving assurances. Who were those government officials? Name them?

“I have written to a company saying that ‘I’ve given you a termination notice’, then certain government officials, nameless, are assuring the company that they should continue working. Why is it that they did not name the officials? Is it really true? So you conclude that because some senior government officials were giving assurances, therefore, you come to a conclusion without naming those people. I find it very strange,” he told Philip Osei Bonsu.

NDC Communications Officer, Sammy Gyamfi in his interaction with the press on Monday, disclosed that the incumbent government knew that terminating the contract with GPGC was wrong, thus assured the Management of GPGC of taking appropriate steps to reinstate the terminated contract.

“Friends, it will surprise you to know that after the GPGC EPA was terminated and the company appealed to the government to rescind its decision, the Akufo-Addo government, acting through the Minister of Energy and his Deputy considered that the termination was wrong and gave the company several assurances that the President and Cabinet were going to take remedial steps to reinstate the terminated EPA,” he revealed.

According to Mr Agyarko, he found the GPGC agreement signed under the erstwhile Mahama administration in 2015, murky, hence the decision by the incumbent government to terminate it in 2018.

He further noted that the said agreement was terminated based on the cost-benefit analysis which would have resulted in the state paying $18million to the power provider as cost for cancelling the Power Purchasing Agreement (PPA).

“Remember I am not an engineer. I am a banker in the first order. So, I have to rely on those with the capacity to advise. If you are a Minister, it doesn’t mean you know everything. So, I have talked to Energy Commission, this is their opinion on the matter, I have talked to Attorney General, this the opinion on the matter, ECG itself under Boakye Appiah was labouring on excess capacity so after talking to a whole host of actors and players and discussing the pertinent details, I was of the opinion that these are the right steps to take, thus, to cancel the contract.

“Given the termination cost and benefit analysis as was presented to me, when you are doing these things cost-benefit is the first step. For GPGC, the associated cost was 18 million dollars, which is the cost of cancelling PPA.

His comments come at a time when the state has been awarded a $170 million judgement debt for failing to file its challenge to the Commercial Court in London within a 28-day deadline, on the award worth over US$134 million in favour of GPGC.

The Court serving as an arbitrator in the case, between the state and GPGC refused Attorney General Godfred Dame and State Attorneys an extension to file the challenge.

Meanwhile, Mr Agyarko has revealed that personnel from GPGC consulted him to reinstate the terminated contract but refused to accept Mr Manuel Sawyer request. According to him, he informed Mr Sawyer that the termination could only be rescinded by Cabinet.

“In Ghana, there is leakage of information. Even before the letter went, somebody from GPGC came to my office. He said he is called Manuel Sowah. He came pleading that ‘Minister please rescind your decision to terminate the contract.’ I then asked him on what basis and he said a lot.

“I told him that Cabinet has given me instructions, if I am to vary the instructions, a similar instruction must come from Cabinet that upon further consideration, we are not terminating their contract, then I oblige,” he stated.

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