The mother of the 9-year-old boy Oswald who wrote a letter to remind her of the things to bring during ‘Our Day’ has admitted that, among the list of items her son requested, she would definitely not honour his request to bring his iPad to school.

“I was going to get the yoghurt, I was going to get the prinkles, I was going to get Mrs Appiah’s big coke, the biscuits and then some sweets but the iPad, truthfully, I was going to disappoint,” Rita Gennuh told Daniel Dadzie on Joy Prime’s Prime Morning.

In what seems to be a passionate appeal to his mother in fulfillment of a commitment to pass his examinations, Oswald asked that she keeps her end of the bargain by providing his needs on the Friday beginning with a “big Coke for Mrs Appiah.”

‘Things to bring on Our Day,’ was the title of the list written in pencil and dated July 29.

The items aptly detailed by the nine-year-old – with the aid of diagrams – included biscuits, drinks, and communication of a said waiver by his teacher to allow him to use his iPad device in class, just for the occasion.

Oswald’s plea for the iPad came with a justification that “Mrs Appiah said that I can bring my iPad.”

“Please don’t disappoint me,” he ended the note.

Though she didn’t state her reasons for not wanting to honour the request to get her son’s iPad, Rita eventually agreed after what she said were several pleas received through phone calls not to disappoint her son. She said she is overwhelmed by the calls and donations that have come in.

“I have people calling me to sponsor the ‘our day’, I have companies who want to bring things to the school to make it a memorable our day for all the children.

“Individuals have also given me donations to buy the exact items on the list. In fact, my phone hasn’t stopped beeping,” she said.

On why Oswald had to remind her with a list, she explained that her son had adopted that mode since she had a habit of telling him that she had forgotten when he made certain requests.