The immediate past Director of the Ghana School of Law, George Sarpong, has denied the Herald newspaper publication citing him in an alleged exam malpractice at the school.

His lawyers have filed a suit at the High Court claiming damages for libel.

They say the claim by the paper that their client attempted to add a student said to be his nephew to the list of students who had passed exams to be enrolled as lawyers when that student had deferred the course to study abroad was complete fabrication.

Below are portions of a letter written by Mr. Sarpong’s lawyers to explain what exactly transpired:

“To set the records straight, prior to the publication of the said pass list, our Client was the person who noticed in his office, the erroneous inclusion of the name of the said Budu. This was in the presence of a past President of the Ghana Bar Association, the current Director of the Law School and a Senior Lecturer of the School. Our Client instantly gave firm instructions to Mr. Peter Worglo, the Records Officer to delete the name of Budu from the list since the student did not write the examinations having been granted a deferment of the course for the academic year. As events unfolded, the list subsequently placed on the Notice Board of the School, by said Peter Worglo, still erroneously carried the name of the said Budu; our Client upon sighting this error on the Notice Board, cancelled out the name of the said Budu from the list on the Notice Board and thereafter, with the knowledge and consent of the incumbent Director, supervised the replacement of the corrected list on the Notice Board. In respect of the allegations about admissions and request for re-marking; those are the imaginations of the publishers of the offensive article and it remains their burden, in Court, to establish same. Our client neither engaged in any acts of criminality as alleged by the said publication, nor did he condone any acts of criminality during his stewardship of the Law School as alleged or at all.”

The lawyers also chastised Joy FM’s Super Morning Show for reviewing the story on the Show’s newspaper review segment without first verifying the truth or otherwise of the story with those accused of wrongdoing. Sit-In Show host Bernard Shaibu this morning read a letter of retraction and apology by the Multimedia Group to Mr. Sarpong.


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