A former Upper West Regional Minister scheduled to deliver a lecture at the University of Education, Winneba has been locked out of the school’s conference room.

Professor Aveah Nsoh was to address students and some faculty heads Wednesday on the recent challenges facing the school but minutes before he took to the lectern, some campus security men stormed the room.

The men asked him to leave the auditorium and forcefully drove out the audience, Joy News’ Central Regional Correspondent, Richard Kwadwo Nyarko reported.

The security men reportedly manhandled some of the journalists who were there to cover the event.

The unfazed audience regrouped in front of the conference room to continue with the lecture.

“The lecture is being done in dark outside the conference hall with the aid of lights from mobile phones of students and lecturers,” the reporter said.

The development comes at a time the school is battling a court case brought against it by the former Assembly Member of Donkoryiem over decisions taken by its Council.

The Council expired in 2013, but the previous National Democratic Congress government directed it to act pending the appointment of a substantive one.

Supi Kofi Kwayera is asking the court to quash all the decisions made by the “illegal” Council from 2013 to 2016.

The Assemblyman was able to secure an injunction against the University authorities last month.

But Professor Nsoh, a senior member of the University, has accused the judge hearing the matter of bias.

He claimed the judge is doing the work of a “higher authority” in the way he is handling the case.

Professor Nsoh said projects started by the University have been stalled because of the issues facing the school.