My love for movies, film or cinema is public knowledge.

Contrary to popular opinion that telenovela’s are despicable, I learn a lot from them when I watch. As I have said before, a key lesson that I have learnt so far from watching telenovelas is that, when someone proffers a suggestion to resolve a problem, you must ensure that he or she does not stand to gain unduly from the implementation of the proposed solution.

Indeed, my love for movies is such that I don’t like being distracted when I am watching. This extreme likeness for films has resulted in a desire to start writing scripts for cinema productions.

And I appreciate the fact that movies are not real happenings- They are make- believe. Nonetheless, sometimes I get so emotionally involved that I throw a few verbal jabs at a character who is not meeting my expectation. Under such circumstances, I become temporarily oblivious of the ‘make-believe’ nature of films. But that’s what they are.

In the spirit of make-believe therefore, here is my first script for a movie entitled, ‘The unnamed Business Man.’ Starring: President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo as NADAA, Ken Ofori-Atta as Ken, Mrs. Angela Ofori-Atta as Angela, Osei Kyei-Mensah-Bonsu as Osei, Andy Appiah-Kubi (Andy).

Saturday morning, October 22, 2022 - at the residence of the Ofori-Attas

(Barking dog at the residence of the Finance Minister, Mr. Ken Ofori-Atta. With a surprise look on his face and a panicky body language, he peeps through the window and sees the Garden Boy playing with the dog. His wife, Mrs. Angela Lamensdorf Ofori-Atta calls him from behind. Mr Ofori-Atta was startled as he turned. They settled in the living room for a chat).

Angela: Had a good sleep?

Ken: Hmm! Can one have a good sleep when there are calls all over the place for his dismissal?

Angela: This is exactly why I called you.

Ken: That?

Angela: So what are we going to do about this issue?

Ken: To do about what?

Angela: The call for your removal?

Ken: Prayer answereth all things, forgotten?

Angela: I know, but it is becoming embarrassing. The children have started complaining. They don’t understand why you will not leave their job for them.

Ken: And what was you answer?

Angela: What can I say?

Ken: Tell them tomorrow after church, we will have that discussion.

Angela: Good. So what’s the plan for tonight?

Ken: Plan for what? You know I am not in the mood for that.

(Son calls out mum from his bedroom)

Son: Mum!!!

Angela: What is it that is making you shout so loud?

Son: It’s dad?

Angela: He is here.

Son: They are saying all sorts of things about him on TV!!!

Angela: Which channel?

Son: It says JoyNews (Newsfile). Someone called Martin.

Angela: Hmm. Dad says he will discuss this issue tomorrow after church.

Son: Mum what is incompetent?

Angela: Where is that from?

Son: The man said dad is incompetent.

Angela: Will you shut up?

Sunday- October 23, 2022

(After church. Ken enters the hall singing Don Moen’s - God will make a way, where there seems to be no way…)

Angela: We really need to see the way out of this very soon.

Ken: Did you see how people were stealing glances at us? This issue is becoming an albatross. But the God that I serve, he will make a way where there seems to be no way. (Points his fore finger to the ceiling)

(The entire family gathers at the dining table for lunch)

Son: Eheh dad! Mum said you want to discuss something with us today?

Three other children: Yes! Yes!

Ken: So you guys will not allow me to have lunch?

Angela: I think we can talk about it over food.

Ken: Well. My cousin does not want me to go. It is as simple as that.

Angela: And you?

Ken: You know we discussed my resignation when I got ill. It was the same response he gave me when we went to see him. “Nana Yaw, you can’t abandon me midstream. We are in this together.  I know you are ill, that’s why I have Adu Boahen as Minister of State at the Ministry (He has since been sacked). So just be there and take it easy”. This is exactly what he told me, remember?

Angela: Hmm! (With a raised tone) But there must be a way out. This is about our lives. It is about our mental health. These young ones are being affected mentally. And as a Psychologist, I am not comfortable with this situation, at all!

Tuesday, October 25, 2022

(At the Ministry of Finance. Ken is seated at his desk, perusing some documents)

Personal Assistant (PA): (Knocks on the door)

Ken: Ye-e-e-es!

PA: (With a panicky tone) Sir, please you have to watch this. (Points to TV set in the office and reaches out for the remote control and tunes in to JoyNews)

Ken: What is it?

PA: This is unprecedented. Some Majority MPs are calling for your removal from office.

Ken: Change the channel to GBC.

Ken: (With a crest fallen face) Majority?!!!

PA: Yes please.

Ken: Oh no!!. That cannot be!

PA: (Turns up the volume on the TV set)

TV Sound up: “…Notice is hereby served that until such persons as aforementioned (Ken Ofori-Atta and Charles Adu Boahen) are made to resign or removed from office, we members of the Majority Caucus here in Parliament will not participate in any business of government by or for the President [or] by any other minister. If our request is not responded to positively, we will not be present for the budget hearing, neither will we participate in the debate.”

Ken: Oh! But that’s Andy? (MP for Asante Akyem North, Andy Appiah-Kubi)

PA: Yes sir. He is the one.

Ken: (Reaches out for his phone to call Angela. Phone dials).

Angela: Hello Ken.

Ken: The worst has happened.

Angela: It’s good you called. I could not put myself together to call you. This is it for me. The height of embarrassment. Our own people?

Ken: Hmmmmmm. Let me call the President. (Ends the call with Angela and calls the President)

President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo (NADAA): (Smiles wryly) Nana Yaw! I was expecting your call, hahaha. Don’t panic. I have taken a serious view of what these MPs have done. It is nothing but sour grapes. These are back-benchers who served as deputy ministers in the first term. Because they are not in government now, they are peeved. Relax and do your work. I am calling Kyei-Mensah-Bonsu now.

At the Presidency

NADAA: (Calls the Minister of Parliamentary Affairs and Majority Leader, Hon. Osei Kyei-Mensah-Bonsu)

Hon. Osei Kyei-Mensah-Bonsu (Osei): Nana! I was about calling you.

NADAA: So you sanctioned this?

Osei: Honestly, this caught me unawares. It is a preposterous bravado by the back-benchers which I am going to nib in the bud presently.

NADAA: (With raised tone) I want a meeting with the whole Caucus in my office this evening, without fail!

Osei: At your service, Your Excellency. (Bows in the process)

NADAA: (Calls Eugene Arhin) Please set up the big hall. Members of the Majority Caucus are coming over for a meeting.

Eugene Arhin (EA): Right away sir.

NADAA: Don’t forget to inform Frema and Asante Bediatuo.

EA: At your service, Your Excellency.

At Parliament House

Osei: (Rushes out of his office to the foyer). Andy! I would like to have a word with you.

Andy Appiah-Kubi (Andy): I cannot come alone. I have to come with my group.

Osei: Very well. (He leads the group to his office. They settled) this is an unprecedented occurrence which has left me befuddled. Why did you do this on my blind side?

Andy: Well, it was in furtherance of our earlier discussion on the need to remove Ken from office. After our last discussion, we have not seen any signs. So this is our last resort because our constituents are threatening to vote us out if they (Ofori-Atta and Adu Boahen) continue in office.

Osei: But we agreed that I will discuss with His Excellency and revert?

Andy: That was over three weeks ago, Majority Leader.

Osei: Okay, now we have an opportunity to meet the President, so let’s gather all our arsenals. He wants to meet us at 6:00pm without fail.

Andy: That is long overdue. We will tell him what the curse he imposed on our constituents is costing us.

Others (In unison): Yes! We will tell him our peace of mind!

To be continued.

The writer works at He is also the author of two books whose contents share knowledge on how anyone desirous of writing like him can do so. Eric can be reached via email eric.mensah-ayettey@myjoyonline.comThe two books cost GHC80.00.

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DISCLAIMER: The Views, Comments, Opinions, Contributions and Statements made by Readers and Contributors on this platform do not necessarily represent the views or policy of Multimedia Group Limited.