They are no strangers to Joy FM. As singles they have taken turns to appear on one show or another on Joy FM.

One is an in house person, very opinionated and always gets radios in Ghana rumbling every other Thursday afternoon with the most controversial issue. It is his opinion. And will always be.

The other has passed through Joy FM's Personality Profile before and was celebrated for championing the cause of women and young girls. She always has a point for women and in her beauty she stands firmly  for them on her Stand Point programme on GTV.

When Gifty Anti appeared on Personality profile as a single person

Three weeks after the famous Royal Wedding; 21 nights in the moon, drinking honey (honeymoon) and toasting to love nurtured for months, the two for the first time became one, on Joy FM's Personality Profile programme,Thursday.  It was a Royal Chat, a Royal Conversation with the Chief of Edumasa Nana Ansah Quao IV and Ohene Yire (wife of Nana) Awo Dansua Gifty Anti and Lexis Bill did justice to the interview.

They descended from the glory of their palace into Joy FM's hall of fame, hand-in-hand with glowing smiles  to share the story of a chief who fell in love with a complete, independent woman.

It was a story that began at Rainbow Radio and a pick up line, common yet very effective.

"You look prettier in real life than on TV," Nana Ansah Quao said to her that fine morning, a line that touched and opened the heart of the most difficult woman to woo, the woman who had a reputable record of 'bouncing' many men.

Apparently she was preparing for the king, and the king came along with all the niceties of a handsome man with gold plated rings on his fingers.

She was impressed. Apparently none had swept her off her feet. She gave Nana a Stand Point T shirt  only for the King to come back saying the Shirt was over sized.

Was it a trick by the King to keep the conversation going? If it was, it worked just fine. Awo Dansua fell for it. She is a strong woman but no man or woman can be stronger than love.

As for the King he had fallen long ago. His search for a wife ended the morning he saw Gifty at Rainbow Radio. Not even the plan by the Abusuapanyin of Edumasa to get the king a wife would work because the King had found a new gift in Gifty. Nana Ansah Quao wanted an intelligent and confident woman and he found all that and more in Gifty Anti

But a lot had to give to turn true love into something more memorable.

In their love, they fought; in their fight they broke up; but in their break up they made up because it was a love meant to be.

It was a beautiful love that began at Rainbow Radio and consummated at Joy FM by the two most impregnable media personalities.