A combined team of police and military personnel will Thursday begin a month long operation to end over 12 years of Fulani invasion in parts of Ashanti Region.

The team, which will be led by the Ashanti Regional Security Council, will start the operation at Agogo, where a farmer was gunned down by the nomadic herdsmen recently.

Three patrol teams were deployed to the town Wednesday morning led by the Konongo Divisional Commander.

Military vehicles are also patroling the town with policemen armed to the teeth.

Fulani: Police, Military begin one month operation to flush out nomads

John Kudalor (IGP)

The Inspector General of Police (IGP), John Kudalor, and heads of other security agencies in the country will also be in the Ashanti Region Thursda in a bid to quell tensions in Agogo and to find a lasting solution to the raging security threat posed by the herdsmen.

Tempers flared in the Agogo township after the gun-wielding cattle herders shot and killed 25-year-old David Atiah in front of his mother.

David was trying to prevent the cattle from eating crops on his mother’s farm.

Since 1997, Agogo residents have clashed with the nomads whose cattle encroach and destroy their farms.

The nomads have also raped, killed and maimed residents who have confronted them in the past.

The Agogo Traditional Council says the latest fatal shooting incident would be the last straw, vowing to take on the violent nomadic cattle herders if the latest operation fails.

The Council’s threat follows the failure of similar effort, Operation Cow Leg, to end the nefarious activities of the cattle herders.