The Volta River Authority (VRA) says the current erratic power supply the country is facing, has nothing to do with limited gas supply from Nigeria.

Head of Communications at VRA,  Sam Fletcher told Joy News the country has just received 74.7 million standard cubic feet of gas from Nigeria but some of the plants, which would make use of the gas are undergoing repairs.

Earlier, media reports suggested that limited gas supply from Nigeria could be the cause of the power crisis the country was enduring.

But Mr. Fletcher maintained that was not the case.

While admitting the amount of gas received from Nigeria was below the agreed amount expected from Nigeria, he was quick to add the 74 million cubic feet of gas was a vast improvement on gas supply the country had received in recent weeks.

He said the current load shedding exercise that the country is experiencing had more to do with the breakdown of energy generating plants than the supply of gas from Nigeria.

He said the country's total energy demand is  2,000 megawatts but the country is currently producing below the current demand.