Blogger Felix Adomako, known as Zion Felix, has questioned the source of wealth of most Ghanaian female celebrities.

The blogger asserts that most of the ladies in showbiz make meagre professional earnings which do not tally with their lavish lifestyle.

“Do you know the kind of big men the ladies know, you cannot just know a big man just like that. After giving your name and contact out, you go to the person’s house, countless times…who gives ¢10,000 for free after that you say I am going to Dubai, China for holidays,” said Zion.

Speaking on Gee Spot on Joy Prime with MzGee, Adomako quizzed actress and model Victoria Lebene’s on the sources of funds for her international trips.

“Vic, don’t lemme mention names… So is she trying to tell us that about 80% of your trips are financed by Victoria Lebene?” Adomako inquired from Victoria Lebene Mekpah.

In response to Adomako’s allegation, actress Lebene said her influence as a celebrity gives her foreign business deals.

“I am so proud of the lady I am right now because some of my trips are mostly sponsored by myself. My photo modelling job pays me a lot,” she said. 

Watch the video below: