The Ghana Music Rights Organization (GHAMRO) has abrogated its royalty collection with the Ghana Independent Broadcasters Association (GIBA).

According to GHAMRO it has arrived at the decision because of the association’s failure to fulfil its payment obligation to the music rights body.

GHMARO has therefore decided to start dealing directly with independent broadcasters in the country.

Read GHAMRO’s statement below, signed by Prince Tsegah, PRO of the music rights body, below:

It has come to the attention of the Ghana Music Rights Organization (GHAMRO) that the Ghana Independent Broadcasters Association (GIBA), an association of independent broadcasting organisations, has fulfilled all its financial obligations to GHAMRO till date, as some receipts GHAMRO issued to GIBA for part payments made, has been handed over to some members of GHAMRO, the United Concerned Members.

This impression created by GIBA is not only false, but is brewing agitation amongst some GHAMRO members, indicating ,GHAMRO is refusing to distribute royalties collected from GIBA, under the guise of waiting for the blank levy from Government. We believe this conduct by GIBA is unethical since it’s a knee jerk reaction to the abrogation of the contract between GHAMRO and GIBA, at the instance of GHAMRO.

The GHAMRO agreement with GIBA executed on 1st December 2016, was to facilitate the collection and payment of royalties on behalf of its members at a commission of 5%. Unfortunately GIBA was neither able to keep to the collection targets nor the time lines leading to the abrogation of the contract.

For the avoidance of doubt GHAMRO, hereby wishes to publish for the information of its members, broadcasting stations and the general public details of the negotiated assessment and payments made to GHAMRO during the tenancy of the agreement.



Payment Due Date





Sept, 2016















June, 2017










March, 2018








It is important to note that in August, 2017, GHAMRO distributed an amount of One Million Ghana Cedis to its members at the time when the other CMO’s could not do same, this amount was way above the total collection from GIBA.

Per the contract, GIBA was to clear all outstanding copyright arrears for 2014- 2015 of Ghc755,125.00 not later than March 2017; that of the year 2016 of Ghc1,033,500 by June 2017; with 2017 royalties of Ghc1,183,925 to be paid latest by March 2018; all totalling Ghc3,062,550.00

However, GIBA only managed to collect an amount of Ghc576, 287.50 by March 2017; another Ghc169, 300.00 by June 2017; and Ghc16, 100.00 for March 2018 amounting to Ghc835, 587.50 – These amounts were duly distributed by GHAMRO in its August 2017 distribution, meaning GIBA has an outstanding balance of Ghc2, 210.862.50 to collect and pay to GHAMRO, hence the cancellation of the Agreement.

Notice is hereby given to all broadcasting stations, especially members of GIBA to contact GHAMRO directly to clear their indebtedness to avoid any future embarrassment.



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