Organizers of the upcoming Ghana DJ Awards has released an eleven-member panel of judges to help with the selections process of the awards.

Mercury Republic, organizers of the awards, said in a statement that, "to keep pushing this mandate to even greater heights towards the 2014 edition, Ghana DJ Awards is pleased to introduce an even more extended, widely experienced local and international panel of judges"

The judges for the 2014 edition includes highly acclaimed personalities who have years of experience in the Ghanaian entertainment industry.

The list includes, TV personality and singer, Jon Germain; Top Ghanaian DJ and Head of Music at Neat FM, Young Joe; Veteran DJ and former host of Choice Highway 102, Kofi Dixon; Radio personality, Administrator and renowned Columnist Ahumah Bosco Ocansey; Kofi Amoakohene, CEO of Scratch Studios; Hanson Asiamah; Andy Kirm; and Mawuli, CEO of Radio 7.

The others are broadcaster, Yaw Asamoah of Atlantis 87.9FM; Julz Osoom, operator of; and Rab Bakari, who has decades of hands-on experience as a New York based hip hop creator.

Malik Musah; Londona of Emak FM; Maxwell the Africanbaby; and Masterblasta; conclude the list.

According to the statement, "the jury will be responsible for collating the entries submitted via the awards website and selected radio stations, as well as short listing the final list of nominees for each category and selecting Lifetime Achievement winner(s)."

The nominees, date and venue for this year's awards will be announced at the Grand Launch and Nominees unveiling ceremony on November 30.


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