Honorary Vice President of IMANI-Africa, Bright Simons says Ghana over the years has failed to manage its mineral resources efficiently.

Speaking to Samson Lardy Anyenini on Newsfile, Mr. Simons described some decisions made with regards to the management of the country’s mineral resources as ‘pathetic’.

“Ghana has a history of abject mismanagement of mineral resources.

“The question then arises, of the different types of returns of minerals that the state is entitled to; rent, royalties, dividends through ownership of equity and the rest, which one requires innovation,” he stressed.

Backing his point, he noted that the government has failed to collect dividends from mining companies the state owns a 10% equity share.

“Companies that are supposed to pay various amounts to the government find a way to shift their highly costly activities to the Ghanaian entities and then the less costly activities overseas.

“They appear to make a loss locally while through their international structures make a lot of money,” he said.

Mr. Simons who was commenting on a demand made by the opposition NDC and some CSOs for culprits in the Agyapa deal to be prosecuted explained that some authorities in the mining industry are unskilled in executing official duties.

“According to unidentified sources, if you go to the mines, you have these GRA officers who are to ensure that the activities are properly audited.

“Some of them who have been at the mines for 13 years and are to ensure that the volumes of gold that are being produced are properly audited have no clue what they are doing.”

He therefore advised the government to create a super company or vehicle that will ensure the representation of board roles are efficient.

This, he said would enable the government to exert within these companies enough management pressure to ensure that the country gets what it deserves.