PDS debacle is a well thought-out state capture - Alex Mould

A former Chief Executive Officer of Ghana National Petroleum Corporation (GNPC), Alex Mould has questioned why Ghanaians and the media are quiet after the PDS investigation.

Keta port project: Residents uncertain about progress but MCE assures

Residents of Keta in the Volta Region, continue to express mixed feelings about the government’s determination to construct a seaport in the area.

A perspective on Credit Risk Management framework

A lot of financial experts have attributed the recent crises in the financial sector to several factors; prime amongst them being bad corporate governance.

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Francois Hardy takes over as Head of Newmont Goldcorp Africa

Mr. Hardy took over from Alwyn Pretorius who now leads Newmont Goldcorp’s South America Region.

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Uber investing in incentives to boost earnings for Ghana partners

Uber has dropped rates on UberX in Accra by up to 10% as part of the many incentives it has rolled out to improve the earnings of its driver-partners in Ghana.

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11 habits that can make you lose respect at work

Listed below are offenses that may seem like nothing too egregious by themselves, but a few put together will make others roll their eyes every time they see you coming.

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The power of mentorship and support for Professionals

Support systems are essential for every professional, but for HR practitioners, it’s a necessary lifeline.

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Alex Mould writes: It is Africa’s time to be smart and know the value of its assets

The bottom line is that Africa needs long term investment (money) at low rates to develop its much-needed infrastructure.

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If I were the Governor of the Central Bank of Ghana

I shall become the Governor of the Bank of Ghana one day, I am not there yet but I will be there! History has it that, just two days before the declaration of Ghana`s political independence on 4th March 1957, the Bank of Ghana was formally established by the Bank of Ghana Ordinance (No. 34) of 1957, passed by the then British Parliament.

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Shall we have LPG in a safe and congenial environment?

The guzzling demand and consumption of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) by Industry and commercial vehicles was identified as the major cause of the shortage of the commodity on the market.

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Protecting tier 2 occupational pension, tier 3 provident fund - The role of the custodian banks

Until the recent pensions reform, one of the major challenges that had confronted employees, both in the formal and informal sector, had to do with the low benefits and growth of their pension contributions as they near or go on retirement.

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Financial inclusion demands a marketing connection

There are more people with phones than with bank accounts. The Financial sector has now realized that they can use these mobile phones as tools for Digital Financial Inclusion. This provides a great solution for the underbanked or unbanked.

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Take-and-pay agreements may jeopardise power sector -Part 2

A take-or-pay is a two-way street; the IPP also MUST provide a minimum amount electricity and there are normally penalties if the IPP misses this simple KPI.

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