Market uncertainty in 2018 had adverse impact on social investments made by banks

In 2017, over GH¢15million in Community Social Responsibility (CSR) capital was deployed by the banking sector to finance community projects.

Boosting Ghana's domestic tourism sub-sector, the way forward

Countries that rely mainly on International Travel receipts suffer more from such uncertainties than those with large domestic tourist markets which can bolster the economy until the destination recovers from the shock. 

The inevitability of further banking job losses

This year, new job losses are resulting from the completion of three mergers.

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Ghana Manufacturers’ Business Summit premiers to address Ghana’s productivity 

Recently, when the leadership of the Ghana Bar Association (GBA), and the National Council of the Bar called on President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo to discuss some pertinent national issues bordering on the “culture of impunity” and the current state of the economy, amongst other issues, the President had ceased the opportunity to express his discomfort with the sliding cedi value against its international counterparts.

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Ofori-Atta steers World Bank/IMF Development Committee on global dev't issues

Ken Ofori-Atta assumed his role as Chairman of the World Bank’s Development Committee at this year’s International Monetary Fund/World Bank Spring Meetings. This is a first for Ghana.

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‘CAMELS’ analysis of 2018 Ghana`s banking sector performance

2017 and 2018 will be remembered as the period the central bank of Ghana stepped up its game to reform and address some ailing issues in Ghana`s financial sector.

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Microfinance: The quest for reform

The name and concept of Microfinance is synonymous with greed, but why?

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The elephant in the room – The case for maize

“Our beloved country, is free forever.” These words, spoken by our first president at the dawn of our independence, have echoed in the hearts of every Ghanaian for the sixty-two years that we have been a free and independent state.

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Ghana’s critical infrastructures: how secured are they?

Providing adequate protection for critical infrastructure- electricity, railways, hospitals as well as defense systems- from criminals including cybercriminals has become a priority of many countries in recent times.

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Insurance CAR vs MCR– Who is who?

Indeed, this subject appears to dominate our industry landscape in recent times and the discussion is still ongoing.

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Open letter to SEC-Ghana: A call for positive regulation on crypto business

The development prospects of Blockchain markets are tremendous.

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Why budgeting for climate, disaster in 2020 budget is important

Should the Minister of Finance Ken Ofori – Atta allocate funds to pay for premiums which should insure Ghana against any climate and disaster in the 2020 budget, considering the financial constraint we find ourselves as a nation?

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The all-new SC mobile app simply makes you unstoppable

Over the last few decades, banking services have changed from manual, brick and mortar to a more digital and innovative service, with much focus on the millennial consumer, emerging and young affluent that need a one-stop shop for all their banking needs. 

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