The 2 hours costing US parents thousands

Democratic presidential contender Kamala Harris has proposed new legislation to address a thorny parental problem - how to care for children whose school days end hours before the workday.

Photos: Mother of boy whose hands were left to rot speaks

The mother of the six-year-old, whose hands were dipped in hot water and left to rot by his guardian, has broken her silence on the matter.

A woman gets a birthday card from her dad, five years after his death

Everyone loves getting cards on their birthday. But a Tennessee woman got a card from her father that she'll cherish forever.

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Parenting prenups are a real thing moms and dads are using to put their baby duties on paper

Good news for parents who feel an uneven distribution of labour surrounding childcare (think laundry, diaper duty, etc.): “Baby prenups” are now a thing.

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Elton John: 'I still want my dad's approval'

He may have started out singing cover versions on cheap compilation albums, but Elton John went on to become the fifth highest-selling recording artist of all time.

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How to reconnect with your partner after having kids

First things first: This is not another article that simply tells you to “go on a date night.”

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CSE saga: Don’t allow worldly ideas to be imposed on your children – Duncan-Williams

General Overseer of Action Chapel International Church, Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams, has urged parents to strongly oppose any form of sexual education which runs contrary to their religious beliefs and culture.

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Hot audio: 'How my children were sexually abused in school' - Mother narrates

A distraught mother says her children have become reclusive and are scared to be in the presence of other adults apart from their parents as a result of sexual abuse at school.

Posted: 2 months ago   Views: 7419
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A mother's harrowing account of how her children were sexually abused at school

A mother of two children [name withheld] has narrated the heartwrenching story of how they were sexually abused at school. 

Posted: 2 months ago   Views: 95154
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One mum's life-threatening birth story, in 12 incredible photos

Sara Peach's labor was induced because of eclampsia, and she spent most of her son's first day separated from him. Here, she tells her story.

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Teacher praised for carrying student with spina bifida on back during field trip

A Kentucky teacher has gone viral for a thoughtful act that ensured no student felt left out.

Posted: 2 months ago   Views: 1644
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Mom creates household 'jobs'; makes her kids apply to get allowance

Shaketha Marion McGregor is a mom-of-three from Georgia who wanted to teach her beloved children an important life lesson about earning money.

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Irresponsible parenting pushes girls into early sexual relationships

​​​​​​​The Executive Director of the National Population Council has called on parents to be responsible in the upkeep of their children to prevent them, especially the girls, from entering into early sexual relationships.

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