Postpartum depression in new dads often missed

While many people can pick up on signs of postpartum depression in new mothers, the same signs are often mistaken for something else or missed entirely in fathers, a British study suggests.

Making it all work: Balancing parenting and working from home

If you are a parent, working from home can rank as a blessing and a curse.

How to actually teach your kid the value of money

In a world of credit cards, online banking, tax codes, investments and retirement plans, keeping up with money can be tough for adults, and even more so for kids.

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Three errors today’s fathers must not repeat

There are great fathers who have laid down their lives to make their children who they are today.

Posted: 2 months ago   Views: 5275
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Five parenting tips to help nurture your kids’ reading habit

Reading habits differ from one child to another. While some kids have a natural flair for books, others may find reading torturous.

Posted: 3 months ago   Views: 6280
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Adopt innovative means to discipline your wards - Clinical Psychologist

Parents have been urged to adopt innovative measures in disciplining their wards in place of punitive forms of punishment, such as spanking.

Posted: 3 months ago   Views: 3487
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World Health Organization says limited or no screen time for children under 5

In a new set of guidelines, the World Health Organization said that infants under 1 year old should not be exposed to electronic screens and that children between the ages of 2 and 4 should not have more than one hour of “sedentary screen time” each day.

Posted: 4 months ago   Views: 12848
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Raising three kids is organized chaos. Here’s why I’m having a fourth

It seems these days that strangers notice my growing belly immediately after one of my three children does something outrageous in public.

Posted: 4 months ago   Views: 4345
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5 pieces of relationship advice you should teach your kids 

One thing I know more than anything else is how hard it is to be a parent. We are thrown into the job with no training and it’s a total crap-shoot as to how successful we will be.

Posted: 5 months ago   Views: 6735
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How to talk to your kids about sexual abuse

Posted: 7 months ago   Views: 5751
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11 experts share their best ideas on how to save money in 2019

​​​​​​​You cut your cable. You brown bag your lunch most days. And lattes? You gave them up long ago in the name of saving money.

Posted: 8 months ago   Views: 13174
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Posting children’s images exposes them to danger. This is how

Cyber security analyst, Philemon Hini says parents who post images and videos of children on social media, risk exposing them to criminals in the cyber space.

Posted: 8 months ago   Views: 9050
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What you need to know about baby’s first words

​​​​​​​Many moms report that their baby’s first word was “mama”.

Posted: 9 months ago   Views: 8460
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