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7 obvious signs you are not ready for your travel

Travel is loaded with the unexpected and that's why it's such an adventure. It, therefore, follows that the more prepared you are for your trip, the better you will be able to handle any unforeseen circumstances or incidences.

Meet the youngest female commander of a Boeing 777

Divya holds the high position with Air India -- the culmination of a childhood dream of flying the skies.

Why getting naked on holiday is a big thing in Germany

Nudism is traditionally popular in Germany, a country considered buttoned up and conservative compared with, let's say, Italy.

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The German airport yet to be opened nearly six years after completion

The grand opening of Berlin Brandenburg Airport Willy Brandt was slated to take place in June 2012, and the aviation world was ready and waiting.

Posted: 7 days ago   Views: 7091
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Lakes, coffee and Santa Claus: Finland turns 100

One hundred years ago, following the Russian Revolution, the Republic of Finland was born. On 6 December 1917 Finland became a nation state with its own identity, language, cuisine, traditions and culture.

Posted: 7 days ago   Views: 3804
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Why the UAE plans to grow lettuce on Mars

One thing you can't accuse the United Arab Emirates of lacking is vision.

Posted: 8 days ago   Views: 5390
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The ocean is a strange place after dark

It’s night-time in an impossibly exotic location. Waves are breaking on the beach. The water is sparkling with electric blue lights.

Posted: 14 days ago   Views: 7741
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The birthplace of the illuminati

More than 200 years after the Illuminati was founded to oppose religious influence over daily life, it has become one of the world’s greatest conspiracy theories.

Posted: 15 days ago   Views: 25237
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Flight attendant demoted after 'Nut Rage' incident in 2014 sues Korean Air

The flight attendant who gained attention for being the whistleblower against Korean Air in 2014 is filing a lawsuit against the airline and the airline chairman’s daughter.

Posted: 15 days ago   Views: 7469
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Asgardia, the world's first 'space nation', takes flight

The world's first "space nation" has taken flight.

Posted: 17 days ago   Views: 10234
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China's out of this world library

Featuring an all-white futuristic design and a luminous spherical auditorium, the new 33,700-square-meter structure has been attracting bumper crowds since it opened in October.

Posted: 18 days ago   Views: 7672
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The simple trick to ensuring your bag is first at the carousel

As travellers, we're universally obsessed with how our bags fare on the luggage carousel.

Posted: 21 days ago   Views: 6593
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The island where 81 is considered young

With thin, white hair pinned to the side and thick glasses perched on the bridge of her nose, Ioanna Proiou slid her wrinkled, sun-spotted fingers over the strands of baby-blue wool stretched across her heavy wooden loom.

Posted: 22 days ago   Views: 8598
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