Travel to African countries becoming increasingly easier

According to the 2019 Africa Visa Openness Index, African countries are becoming increasingly open to visitors from across the continent.

Golden Bean Hotel wins 3 top honours at Ghana Customer Service Awards

Thomas Cook airport slots bought by EasyJet and Jet2

EasyJet and have bought all of the take-off and landing slots owned by collapsed travel firm Thomas Cook in UK airports.

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Ghana's Mt. Gemi is best place to observe historic 'Mercury Eclipse' on Nov. 11

Mount Gemi in the Ho West District of the Volta Region, offers the best view of Mercury eclipse on Monday, November 11.

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El Al bids farewell to 747 plane with sky art 'drawing'

After 48 years, El Al is retiring its 747 fleet -- and to say goodbye, Israel's national carrier used a flight tracker to "draw" the plane in the skies over the Mediterranean Sea.

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Italian town of Cammarata offers free houses to lure new residents

Sicilian town of Cammarata has gone one step further -- offering homes for absolutely nothing.

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This is the best time to book a hotel

Traveling is expensive overall, but one of the biggest costs associated with a trip is often the lodging.

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Air Zimbabwe resumes flights to South Africa

Air Zimbabwe's only serviceable plane has been given permission to fly to South Africa again, after settling debts that saw it impounded in Johannesburg last week.

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Ghana approves 6-nation visa waiver deal for diplomatic, ordinary passports

Persons holding ordinary or diplomatic Ghanaian passports can now travel to some six countries after Parliament approved a visa waiver deal last week.

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The French word with no translation

To wander aimlessly through a city is so French there’s a word for it that has no English equivalent: flâner.

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Italy's forbidden 'orgy island'

With emerald-green waters, blue skies and a rugged empty landscape, Zannone has everything you'd expect from a near-deserted Italian island destination.

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Liberia named as a top tourist destination

Liberia is not uppermost when you think about the best-known places for tourism on the continent, but that could change if a new list from respected travel advice company Lonely Planet has its way.

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You’ll never believe how these African countries got their names

Almost every country in the world is named after either a feature of the country, an influential person or tribe, or a directional description of the land.

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