16 best destinations to visit for a warm Christmas

Put away the snow boots! These festive spots offer Christmas cheer without the freezing temperatures.

What flight attendants really wish you'd do on your next flight

Travelling and seeing the world as a flight attendant might seem glamorous, but most passengers don’t know what they really have to deal with regularly.

How to break the barriers to Africa’s travel, tourism business

Although no visas are required today for West African citizens to travel from one country to another, major travel impediments remain.

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This hotel room is smaller than a parking space

The room was listed at 53 square feet, but when measured with a tape measure, they found that the actual bedroom was only 32 square feet, meaning that 40% of the “room” was the bathroom.

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The shipwreck that created a culture

The boats came at dawn along the shores of the town of Dangriga on the coast of Belize.

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You can now travel across Morocco on Africa’s First High-speed train

France’s famous TGV trains will soon connect the coastal city of Tangiers with Morocco’s economic capital, Casablanca.

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The Royal Express luxury train is the best way to see Japan

Being catered to usually makes me squirm, but nobody does service quite like the Japanese. When the Royal Express, a sumptuous 100-seat luxury train, pulled out of Yokohama for its journey south along the Izu Peninsula, the uniformed station staff emerged onto the platform to wave us goodbye.

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Japanese passport now world's most powerful

There are few things more liberating than travel -- although some passports offer more freedom than others.

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World's first underwater hotel

For once, it's an opportunity to sleep with the fishes that doesn't mean you end up like a character in a mob movie.

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Abu Dhabi's unusual architecture delivers surprises

From its Bedouin past as a modest fishing and pearl diving port to the discovery and production of oil, Abu Dhabi has risen from the sands along the Arabian Gulf to become one of the world's wealthiest cities.

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Moving to Ghana? Here’s what you need to know

With its pristine beaches, natural beauty, wonderful cuisine and exciting nightlife, it is no wonder many expats consider Ghana a great choice to relocate to.

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Why this airport is utterly deserted

Berlin’s Brandenburg Willy Brandt Airport (BER) looks exactly like every other major modern airport in Europe, except for one big problem: more than seven years after it was originally supposed to open, it still stands empty.

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Why Singapore is so so clean

The country has long had an obsession with hygiene and cleanliness.

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