Holidays are better than sex - Study

​​​​​​​Sex may be one of life’s great pleasures, but apparently it has none of the thrills of packing a bag and heading off on holiday.

American Airlines mechanic accused of sabotaging plane - why he did it

Some people will go to extraordinary lengths to get overtime pay but very few go as far as Abdul-Majeed Marouf Ahmed Alani.

Study finds startling percentage of drivers obey speed limits in Ghana

A joint study by the Transport Ministry and the National Road Safety Authority has revealed that only six percent of motorists in Ghana comply with the speed limit on the highways and eight percent on urban roads.

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Best party cities around the world

 Any major city will have bars, clubs and live music venues, but not all of them can claim to be a true party capital.

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Plane carrying 326 passengers diverted after pilot spills coffee

A transatlantic flight was forced to divert to the Republic of Ireland because a pilot spilled a cup of coffee on the aircraft's controls, it has emerged.

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Travel agent accused of stealing close to $2m in frequent flyer points

A high-flying partner in a Chicago travel agency has been charged with fraud for allegedly stealing and redeeming nearly $2 million worth of Delta Air Lines frequent flyer points.

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50 Aayalolo buses deployed on Accra roads

The Quality Bus System commonly referred to as Aayalolo, has deployed 50 buses on the streets of Accra as the bus service returns to the road since October 2018.

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Sokode-Bame road closed

​​​​​​​The Ghana Highway Authority (GHA) has announced its intention to temporarily close down the road from Sokode to Bame in the Volta Region to all vehicles until further notice.

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Tema Aflao road to be expanded into six lanes

​​​​​​​The Tema-Aflao road which forms part of the Abidjan Lagos corridor will be expanded from the current two (2) lanes to six (6) lanes, an environmental and climate change consultant has revealed.

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Ethiopian rolls out onboard WiFi internet connectivity

Surfing the internet with seamless reliable connectivity has now become the new normal onboard Ethiopian Airlines flights.

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British Airways pilots ground planes in unprecedented 48-hour strike

British Airways pilots began a 48-hour strike on Monday, grounding most of the airline’s flights and disrupting thousands of travelers’ plans in unprecedented industrial action over a pay dispute.

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Bangkok beats Paris, London as most-visited city for fourth year

Bangkok was the world’s most-visited city in 2018 for the fourth consecutive year, ahead of Paris and London, according to a ranking compiled by Mastercard Inc.

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Forest grows in the middle of a football stadium

Football stadiums have long been synonymous with noise and commotion.

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