Halting workplace sexual abuses – The life story of a domestic worker

Twenty-two-year old Adwoa Ankoma, (pseudonym) who migrated to Accra from Dunkwa in the Central Region of Ghana, in search of a job, is a good cook and can prepare a variety of Indian dishes even though she is not a native of that country.

Nkoranza: The divine choice for Bono East Capital

As a son of the divine land of Nkoranza, I have been monitoring the debate on the selection of the Capital city of the newly created Bono East Region with keen interest. 

Mahama’s 2020 bid: A real threat to Nana or a political scarecrow?

January 2019 is in full motion, the month in which the NDC was originally scheduled to elect its presidential candidate for the 2020 elections.

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Michel camp fire, Odawna-Circle fire, where next?

News of fire outbreaks no longer surprises us anymore despite the valuable lives and property they destroy. We have gotten used to them. But such fire may come and go but not the lost and agony it bequeaths its victims.

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NAM1 is a hero; invest in any new scheme he introduces

Richard Nana Appiah Mensah or “Negus Negasty” as his nickname was back in school, was my classmate in Adisadel College.

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Rebuttal: We voted for bread and butter, not a Cathedral

This is a rebuttal to an article titled 'The argument against the National Cathedral is lame', published on myjoyonline.com on 16 January 2019.

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Simpa Panyin: We have more Menzgolds than you would ever think

As somebody who read Psychology at the university, and having no prior exposure to any banking practices, it did not take me more than three months to master the arts of knowing what happens at the banking hall.

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Menzgold saga: Our culture led us to the slaughter

When I was growing up two things were symbolic of who I was, ‘too-known’ and ‘stubborn’, traits that needn’t be glorious but ones I pride in.

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The argument against the National Cathedral is lame

Christians are the largest population in this country. Obviously, they contribute more in terms of taxes, employment, infrastructure, service delivery, human resources, knowledge, and leadership than any other organized religious group. Is it too much even if just a percentage of what Christians have contributed to the development of this nation is used to provide just a place, one building, that can serve the entire Christian community and the generation yet unborn?

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MANASSEH’S FOLDER: Thank you, Mr President, but…

I want to add my little voice to the twenty-two anti-corruption civil society organisations, which jointly issued a press statement thanking your government for terminating the fraudulent waste bins contract awarded to the Jospong Group of companies in November 2016.

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The scrapping of July 1st Republic Holiday: Historically antithetical, untenable

The simple logic is if July 1, 1960 holiday is irrelevant today because it preceded series of the military takeovers, then must we celebrate March 6, 1957, as an Independence Day since it also came before military interventions?

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Menzgold saga: Our culture lead us to the slaughter

When I was growing up two things were symbolic of who I was, ‘too-known’ and ‘stubborn’, traits that needn’t be glorious but ones I pride in.

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That's My Opinion: Whose flock is NAM1?

Yes, it may seem a weird question to ask... And at this time, I think many nerves are raw and they don't need me to rub salt in it. 

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