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Letter to Martin A.B.K. Amidu on his latest epistle

After the last budget reading, you applauded the Finance minister for allocating some GHC180million to your Office. How far with that allocation? Has your office received the kudi?

Ghana’s voluntary national review on SDGs: An all-inclusive process

In July this year, Ghana will be among 47 countries that will be presenting findings of their national review of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) implementation.

Our miscommunicating Parliament wants a new chamber?

It reminds me of the young woman who walks away from advice that she should dress more modestly by swinging her hips provocatively. This was an important victory for people power.

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Infrastructure development in Ghana: wealth creation or wealth consumption?

There is therefore a need for a nationalistic rethink on the way infrastructure development is handled from inception to completion if Ghana is indeed to use the sector to drive the much desired developmental agenda of the country.

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Outdated educational system: Reason for massive graduate unemployment

When Ghana became politically independent in 1957, the education system, thus; schools, colleges and universities, was purposely set up, primarily to produce skilled workforce for the young nation.

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Life is both dreadful and wonderful

Life is both bitter and sweet.

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To every rule, there is an exception?

If there is anyone out there who has been helplessly watching on, frustrated with the indiscipline and lawlessness which are mercilessly battering our society, you are not alone.

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Aftermath of robbery: A scar on victims conscience

The near-fatal experience of my friend made reality dawn on me that, there are unreported incidents that don't make it to the national statistics and live with us daily.

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Samson's Take: A heart of love; Applying even criminal law - II

I have been thrilled at the love that has forced open the prison doors for the barber sent to jail for two months (with hard labour) for his inability to pay ¢600 fine slapped on him for stealing plantain in Koforidua.

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Djokoto’s Diary: I speak of freedom

Journalism is a truth-telling business and ought to remain just that. The political establishment must never manipulate the media into articulating views that favour its image.

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Why gov't must include private schools in free SHS policy

One reliable means by which the government can ease the pressure on the infrastructural facilities in the various senior high schools is to include private senior high schools in the program.

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J. B. Danquah was never chief campaigner, Founder of University of Ghana - Part 2

Due to the importance of the work of the education commissions and the crucial role of the African members of the Elliot Commission, in particular, we will double-down a little with respect to the results of those efforts, and the road to the realization of the University of the Gold Coast, at “La Gon” / “La Goon”, Legon. 

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