We need more technology on African farms

Fascinated by the advanced technology on farms in America, African farmers are demanding increased access to mechanized means of farming as the sure way to ensure food security and help lift the continent out of poverty.

Celebrating World Emoji Day - Really...anything to write home about?

Imagine someone texts another person a piece of information that makes them pretty excited, instead of typing an entire sentence, they’d rather use laughter emojis or the cat wheels.

Boxing Ring: It's about time someone at WEAC lost his job

Why must we sit down for WAEC to continue bullying our younger ones in the name of withholding or cancelling results? It’s about time someone lost their job.

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That’s my Opinion: Why are we the way we are?

I have been thinking and wondering about why we are the way we are. Why do we think like the way we think?. So after speaking to a few Psychologies, I went on further to good old Google to search for an answer.

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Is the Akufo-Addo government doing better? Yes!

I have read and listened to recent arguments on social media on the performances of both the Nana Addo led government (NPP) and that of Mahama or Mills-Mahama (NDC).

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MANASSEH’S FOLDER: Charlotte Osei’s standard and Akufo-Addo’s double standard

Until something is done to block the GYEEDA and Subah-like deals...and the ones your government is creating, asking for more taxes will amount to robbing us to fund corruption.

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The Blackest Panther

Black Panther came out in February this year, didn't it? And it's taken me till July to write a post...The reason? I've been spending all this time luxuriating in the movie's existence!

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Why young entrepreneurs start-up programme excites me to bits

At home, at school and at work, our culture tends to be risk averse and anyone seen taking risks is deemed reckless. But experience and experts have told us repeatedly that risk-taking is a characteristic of a good entrepreneur.

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The NPP congress; palmwine tapper insult, 275 buses and filth!!

They stood by the “Ye nim no fretete” principle. It speaks to the kind of power the President wields over his party – virtuallyineffectual; lame duck. Pitiful!

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Just as you are...Ode to Prof. Atukwei Okai

Just as you are is an ode to renown poet Prof. Atukwei Okai who passed last Friday.

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Nana Yaa Ofori-Atta writes...Kitawonsa is a ruby

If you are not into exploring ancestral vibes, you could subscribe to western zodiac signs. If so, then July is the month of the ruby stone, a symbol of contentment.

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Tribute to my god, Professor Atukwei Okai

Just three days ago, Dr. Sulley Gariba called me to discuss a project he was about to undertake and needed my input.

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Samson’s Take: RTI – delete clause 13; media failing citizens

There are about twenty such including clause 13 which defeats the very purpose of the law. CDD-Ghana and its RTI campaign partners have been pushing for action and the media ought to drive this crusade for a credible RTI law every day.

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