Johnson: UK PM's Brexit plan a 'suicide vest'

The ex-foreign secretary is criticised by fellow Tories for the "inappropriate and hurtful analogy".

Deadly California wildfire growing

California's deadliest current wildfire is getting larger, officials warn, despite thousands of firefighters battling it.

Nine US 'duck boat' victims from the same family

The 17 victims who died when a tour boat sank in a Missouri lake on Thursday included nine members of one family, officials in the US state say

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UK: Thousands join Trump protest as US leader takes to golf course

Thousands have taken to the streets of Edinburgh in a third day of protests against Donald Trump's UK visit.

Posted: 2 months ago   Views: 2198
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Boris Johnson quits adding to pressure on May over Brexit

Boris Johnson has resigned as Foreign Secretary amid a growing political crisis over the UK's Brexit strategy.

Posted: 2 months ago   Views: 3740
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Heterosexual couple win civil partnership case

A heterosexual couple have won their legal bid for the right to have a civil partnership instead of a marriage.

Posted: 3 months ago   Views: 2825
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Teenage sheepdog trainer sells collie for £7,000

A County Londonderry teenager who started training sheepdogs when her father encouraged her to get a job has sold a collie she trained for more than £7,000.

Posted: 4 months ago   Views: 1721
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UK turns blind eye to dirty Russian money, say MPs

The UK has been accused of turning a "blind eye" to Russia's "dirty money", putting national security at risk.

Posted: 4 months ago   Views: 1982
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Royal wedding: Meghan's father may not attend ceremony

It is unclear whether Meghan Markle's father Thomas will walk her down the aisle on Saturday as planned.

Posted: 4 months ago   Views: 5805
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Cabinet Brexiters outgun May on her Customs Plan

Theresa May is facing a crisis after pro-Brexit ministers paired up with Conservative hardliners to demand a clean break from the European Union’s customs system, rejecting her plea for a compromise solution.

Posted: 5 months ago   Views: 2357
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Schools in the UK are removing analog clocks because students can’t tell time

A head-teachers’ union in the UK recently reported that youths have become so accustomed to using digital devices that they are having trouble correctly reading time on analog clocks, forcing schools to replace them.

Posted: 5 months ago   Views: 2824
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Royal baby named Prince Louis

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have named their third child Louis Arthur Charles.

Posted: 5 months ago   Views: 3474
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Theresa May 'deeply regrets' UK's colonial anti-gay laws

British Prime Minister Theresa May has said she deeply regrets the UK's role in criminalising same-sex relations in its former colonies.

Posted: 5 months ago   Views: 3895
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